Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yard Sale Wednesday

WOW.. that is a BAD title but I had nothing else cookin' in that afroed head of mine!

When I worked at Universal Orlando I was lucky enough to work in Lost and Found! Oh the things I would see!!! Some day I will have to post a blog just about that! *makes mental note* Well twice a year they had a Lost and Found Sale and they would sell Cameras, Sunglases,Jewlery, Hats, Stuffed Animals, Mugs, Keychains and just about everything else you can imagine is lost at a Theme Park! I was lucky enough to pick up a lot of NICE EXPENSIVE stuff for next to nothing! I have a few pair of coach sunglasses that I got for 2 bucks each, MULTIPLE cameras, RayBans for James, and this little beauty!


As much as I adore this bracelet I am MUCH moore of a Tiffany Girly!!! I have worn this bracelet maybe 5 or 6 times. I Love that the heart is a wonky type heart!!! SO adorable!!! And I think my Favorite part is the heart cutouts on the back on the charm!!!

I am asking $40.00 for the bracelet and then 5 bucks for shipping and Handling! Please email me at AuroraBorieAlice@Gmail if you are interested!! Or if you would like moore pictures of a specific part or have any questions!!! xxooxxoo

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