Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

In My House it Sure Does!!!!!! ;) Happy HUMP Day Yall!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well thanks for stopping by Pajamas and Coffee and for your lovely comment today! I LOVE your Wordless Wednesday- lol just ran a collection of these on Sunday because the 'blogging every day for a month' thing is driving me bat shit.
    Hope you will be back again!
    LOVE your blog!! If you are on twitter let's follow each other- I'm @marymac.

  2. I found this on Photobucket last night and spent a good hour laughing my chubby ass off!!!!
    This morning you were one of my recomended reads and I saw the SAME picture!!!! I debated posting it but figured that Great Minds need to stick together!!! :)

  3. that sign is HILARIOUS!

    really enjoying your blog, BTW.

    - @TraciLeigh from twitter. :)

  4. Thanks Traci!!! I am enjoying my blog... Alhough my posts are SO all over the place...I really need some organization but... that is beyond me!! LOL

  5. I saw one this weekend that said, "If God still loves the Redskins, imagine how much He must love you!" I about drove off the road laughing at it.


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