Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary James

7 years ago today I met the man that I would marry 5 years later which makes today our 2 year Wedding Anniversary!!! Hard to think that when I stepped off the plane and into the arms of a man I had only been talking to on Yahoo Messenger for a few months, I would be marrying him and spend my life with him. He is the ying to my yang. He is the quite to my loud. He is the Eeyore to my Tigger. The Patrick Star to my Sponge Bob. He is my Love and Soul Mate and I love him more then I could ever imagine loving anybody!

We have had some very rough times this year. VERY! We have both been to places neither one of us thought we were capeable of going to but we push on and we make it work!

We are silly and stupid and lame and just plain us! We dont put on airs and we dont pretend!

We get our picture taken with Characters who have MAN HANDS! Worst Snow White EVER!!!

We voluntEAR at Special Olympics events together

We get dressed up and go to weddings together!

We dress up as the Crazy Cat Lady and Magnum PI together!!!

We dance together!

Over all.... we are good for one another!!! I can not imagine where I would be without him....

James Iverson, I love you! You are my Soulmate forever (not the 2 week kind)! Thank You for dealing with me, putting up with me and most of all thank you for loving me! I know it isnt easy but you make it seem like it is!!!!



  1. Wow, congrats on the anniversary. I have posted your guest post on my blog. You can come check it out. I will e-mail you my post soon.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you two have an awesome, beautiful, magical day together. Sending pixie dust good wishes and lots of love. xo God Bless you two!

  3. Happy Anniversary to the both of you! Have a blessed day:)

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you guys have a swell time on such a special day and occasion!!! Lots of love to both of ya!

    XOXO Lynn~!


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