Friday, September 21, 2012

All Lacquered Up Swap!

I love doing Swaps. I think it is a great opportunity to meet new people and give fun gifties and get fun gifties!
I joined the All Lacquered Up Blog Swap that AngelaMegan were hosting!!!

I was LUCKY enough to Be partnered with the ADORABLE Britt from Yellow Umbrella!

ADORABLE I TELL YOU!!!!! Lookie at what I got from her!!! 

Two colors I don't have and two colors that I LOVE!!!! The Go Overboard is a teal bluish nautical wonder!
I am waiting for the second coat of Penny Talk to dry now so I will let you know how much I adore that one too soon :P Thanks Britt!! I love both of these to death! Thank You also to Angela and Megan for hosting this swap!!!!! Head over to all three blogs and give them some love from me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


~peeks around the corner........

Anyone miss me? lol

My life lately is :
Work--- I work at a resort here in Orlando..... and its never NOT busy......
Blogging---OnTheGoInMCO is where I always am!!!! Check out me and the girls!!!

I haven't even had time to be at Disney .... LOL.... Plus this Orlando heat is just too HOT lately. I am yearning for Fall in Orlando so I can walk around Epcot during Food and Wine in jeans and a Hoodie!!! Y'all have NO idea! I am dreaming about this!!!! I am going to TRY to get back to my blog but I wont promise anything... it has just been too busy. 

I will leave you with some pictures of what fun my life is!!!!! 
 I won a Back Stage Tour of the Amway Center
 My favorite now 6 year old had her first school play!
 I spent time with some of my favorite kids of all time....... Seriously love my #Troublesome4Some
 Spent quality time with my favorite teenager..... I wont embarrass him but, he knows he means the world to me.. I would do just about anything to make this kid smile! His future wife (im still hoping I get that rose) better watch out!!! It wont be easy for her! 
 I went to the Media Opening of Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Orlando!
 I got covered in Glitter and BOILED out in the sun but it was worth it!
 ( See my festive 4th of July nails? LOVED THEM)
 I got to meet Vanilla Ice at the Gaylord Palms Media Event for ICE!!! :) He was BOMB!!
 Shelley and I volunteered for the Mascot Games and had a BLAST!!!!! We will totally do this again!
 WaWa has made its way to Orlando!! I had my first WaWa experience and was enamored! 
 Spent the day at the beach with Shalon and saw a surprise engagement...
 it was sweet and I Creeped & Cried! 
 Our Day! It was HOT and BEAUTIFUL!
 Orlando City Soccer!!! Holy bananas.... This was one of my favorite new finds!
Iron Lion Firm Repping the 407~

 Went to Georgia for a few days to visit friends and went to the 

 Yall have NO EARTHLY IDEA how excited I was to go here!!! Kelsey and I were enamored!
 I got to sit in the Cabbage Chair!!!!! Child Hood dream MADE! 
 Went to see my favorite Teenager in his first football game of the season and I made a tshirt because I was told that is what people do.... so I got out the glitter and made an AMAZING Tshirt! And Yes... it says Future Mrs. on the bottom.... I wasn't Lying..... My Tshirt was BOMB BTW and now everything I own is covered in Glitter but IT WAS WORTH IT! 

 I didn't have Football at my High School so this was a whole new thing for me....
 Let's go #81!!!!
 Some Welcome To GA gifts!!  Bulldogs Tervis, a Lanyard and some jumbo smarties! :) 
 Went to the Titanic Experience on International Drive here in Orlando.... it was SUPER AMAZING! 
 found a place close to home that sells BUBBLE TEA!!!! And has some super yummy Hibachi! 
 Going to Night of Joy with Shalon and getting to meet Mac Powel of Third Day
 Mac was such a cool guy! And he gave us some winks and waves at the concert that night! Love Him!
Meeting Taurin and Blake from Royal Tailor and having dinner with them. Seeing them perform at their 1st ever Night of Joy after we got to talk to them was awesome! So Love these guys! 

Whew.......... I am busy.... but loving EVERY minute of it!!!!!!!