Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day of NaBloPoMo

I am quite proud of myself that I stuck with it! I only blew it one day and I am giving myself a break for that!!!! Posting everyday wasnt always easy and I slacked off REALLY bad towards the end and posted Fluff blogs but honestly...... I am proud! Thanks to anyone who followed me through this ;) all 12 of you rule!!!! Thanks to Roxy for doing an AMAZING Guest Blog Post! I will be posting regularly from here on out but I dont think I will be as pressed to make sure it is posted on time ;)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tweet Cloud

I Jumped on the Cool Kid Bandwagon and decided to do a Tweet Cloud!

I am HONESTLY surprised that more of my colorful language didn't end up in my cloud!! LOL!

Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2009

Well Hell.... LOL.... I have been a bad bad blogger the past few days but I have GOOD reason! But I will start at the beginning and work my way thru it!!!

Our Friend Aimee invited us over to her house for Thanksgiving this year which was fantastic! We have been friends with Aimee as long as we have been together and we actually lived with her twice over the course of our relationship! She has 4 kiddos. ranging from 23-11 and her BF and her grandson who is almost 2. Her small apt was a full house this year! I was in charge of desserts! And I did GOOD!!!

Cream Cheese Dessert Cheese Ball that I paired with Chocolate Teddy Grahams!

Pumpkin Spice Jello Pudding Pie with Home Made Whipped Cream

Cinnamon&Sugar Pie Crust Rollups

Fruit Pizza- Sugar Cookie Dough, Fruit Dip, Kiwi, Mandrin Oranges and Pineapple
They were all AMAZING!!! And everyone at a whole bunch! I managed to come home with most of the pizza cuz everyone went NUTS for the Cheese ball! FINE WITH ME!!!! i have been munching on it!!! LOVE it!! The Pudding Pie was great too! I was leery but the kids all loved it and I left it with them! The Pie Crust Rollups are something my ex-grandmother used to make all the time as a kid! So easy but so yummy and very Holiday-ey to me!!!!!
We got home from Aimee's around 630ish cuz James had to work that night and we each took a small nap. James left work for around 8 and sent me a text that there was already a line around the Comp USA that is right up the road for me and that the Toys R Us a few roads over looked like Woodstock... and I said well Hell.... Time for me to head to Best Buy Then :)!!!
For the FIRST time in my life I was ready to spend the night on the street for something! James wanted a Netbook for Christmas and I was looking for a laptop since the one we had since our other one stopped working was a loaner. I have been doing my research online and pouring over the black Friday websites and decided that the deals at Best Buy were exactly what we wanted! So I packed a bag with snacks, soda, 2 magazines, 2 books, 2 puzzle/mind game books, my laptop and some candy. I grabbed my favorite fleece blanket and a lawn chair and went on my way!
Now Mind You, I was planning on being there around 10 or 11 and I left the house at 845. When I got to Best Buy The line was already halfway around the building and the people in the very front were in tents..... TENTS!!!!! Come to find out, those tent people had been sleeping in front of best buy since WEDNESDAY AT 2pm!!! WEDNESDAY!!!!! That's Crazy! So I set myself up about halfway around the building (about person #60) and prepared to wait it out!! I was shitting my pants thinking about it though.
The plan was that at 3 am they were going to be giving out tickets for each door buster item. each store had a minimum number and once they were given out that was it! What if I sat there for 8 hours for nothing? I was stressing just thinking about it but just decided to deal with it when that time came! I was the last person in line for about 10 minutes. Once the lady sat next to me I didn't feel as stressed! lol. It was about 46 degrees outside and I was bundled up well! Jeans, sneakers, long sleeve shirt, THICK hoodie and a jacket with my fleece blanket! I also thought to grab some gloves too and I am DAMN glad I did because it got as low as 42 before it was all over!
I don't have any pictures because I didn't want to waste my blackberry battery! But people went from being inside tents to sitting on the ground in shorts and flip flops! It was crazy! People were playing scrabble and card games. There was one set of Tent People that had a bean bag game set up and were doing a tournament. Footballs and Soccer Balls and even kids on bikes. It was really fun to watch! We were lucky enough to have a port-a-potty right across from location! I only broke down once though! Wasn't HORRID but... still!
I chatted up the guys to my right ahead of me. They were there for a Laptop, a Garmin, a Pioneer Stereo and a Blue Ray Player. The Lady ( we will call her the Farter cuz she kept letting them go but didn't say anything and they were NOT PRETTY!!!!) was there for a TV and the Kids on the other side of The Farter were there for a ITouch and a Laptop. We all chatted and joked and had a good time. 2 of them worked for Universal so it gave us all something to Bullshit over which made time go by much faster! The Farter's son was the one who wanted the TV and kept calling her asking how many people were there for them so she went up in line and asked everyone if they were there for that specific TV she was. Come to find out only 2 people were and she was happy! I was SCARED as hell to ask who was there for laptops but The Farter Went around AGAIN and asked and said that 75% of the people there were there for Laptops. Now mind you, Best Buy had 15 different sales on laptops but I knew damn well that most people were there for the 197.00 HP and the 197.00 Netbook just like me but again... I REFUSED to stay stressing about it! Well, I pulled out my laptop around midnight and started to look at the black Friday websites for contingency plans! I look at the Best Buy flier in line and The Garmin, The Stereo and the TV that my place mates all wanted were available at the door buster price ONLINE and with free shipping or FREE store pickup for the TV! I told both parties and The Farter called her son and I walked him thru the ordering process and he ordered it and got a store confirmation to pick it up later and she LEFT!!!! NO MORE FARTER!!! YAY!!!! lol.
The kids next to me who wanted the garmin and stereo ordered it too! I felt better that at least if they didn't have to wait outside in the cold that someone was getting what they wanted!
Around 130-2am when it was the coldest our saviour arrived in the form of Papa John's! they had a Farf wagon where they were selling hot cocoa, pizza, coffee, water and danishes!! 2 bucks each item but I will tell you... that hot pizza and boiling hot hot cocoa were the most amazing things I had had in HOURS!!! LOL. We didn't even drink the hot cocoa we just held it because it was so warm and hot!!!!
So around 245 everyone started to get nervous and folks started inching towards the front. Luckily some of the kids behind me were staying there and agreed to watch my bag for me while we all tried to get in line. There were line cutters galore but for the most park besides being a HUGE cluster fuck it went off pretty well! All of us line people stayed together and tried to keep composed. They didn't come outside with the tickets until 330-345. Of course there was a totally bemused skinny as hell shirt cop there who had NO idea what to do! I honestly think that this kid MAY have graduated from 8th grade last year he was so small and when the fights broke out ahead of us he was just lost in the shuffle! One guy got thrown out of line and one lady got pulled out of line. It was kind of funny to watch. ANYWAY! the Best Buy Folks came around with the folders with the Tickets in them,. They were just descriptions with Numbers on them. They would call out what they had and if you were in "line" they would give you one and answer your questions.
I was lucky enough to get BOTH the Compaq Netbook for 223.00 (with an upgrade) and the HP Laptop for 197.00!! I was BEYOND HAPPY!!! Everyone in our little group got what they wanted which made it that much better!!!! The 2 other Universal Kids were going for the Blue Ray Sony Vaio Laptop for 447.00 and a MacBook Pro for 999.00! I was in the 2nd group of people to be let in the store but was lucky enough to be in and out within 20 minutes tops!!!! I was home by 6am and in bed by 7am, plied with Tylenol PM by my Husband and slept till 530pm on Friday afternoon!!! It was a cool experience and I would do it again for the deals that I got! If mother nature would comply with me and make it a BIT warmer next time that would be killer!!! ;)
So As I type I am typing on my new Baby! Her name is Tiana after the new Disney Princess who is African American! It is cheesy but I love the name and since my laptop is new and black I figured it was a good fit!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am having technical issues and couldn't post so - will be doing 2 posts on Sunday to make up!!!! Sorry NoBloPoMo...... This is via my blackberry!!!

Owed Post

I am aware that I didnt post like I should have but I have a GOOD reason! After Thanksgiving yesterday at our friend Aimee's house I went to Best Buy and sat on a lawn chair for 8 hours over night in the 40 degree weather!! Yes Sirs and Maams. I was one of "those" people!!! But I did it for a good reson! I got James a netbook and me a new laptop for 423 bucks!!!!!! I didnt get home till 6 am and slept ALL DAY! I want to re cap my Thanksgiving and BEst Buy experiences so cut me some slack and I PROMISE to be back with good posts next week!!!! I hope everyone had a killer Turkey Lurkey or Tofurky!!! xxooxxoo

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I hope you are with loved ones! James and I are spending the day with an old friend and her family! I wish we were with my family but they are in my heart like always! I will call them at Aunt Carol's house while they are prolly sitting around talking about their feelings and hugging it out MUCH to my mother's dismay, and talk to everyone there and prolly cry because I am a bit of a crier! I Love You all!!! xxooxxoo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joyful, Joyful

Sister Act was ALWAY s one of my favorites! For a non religious person I really love Churchy Choral Music!!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving gives you a whole lot to be Joyful for!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Blog Hello

The Fabulous K over at

did this on her blog and I think it is a fantastic idea!!!! Since I am a new blogger I dont have many people following me but I love the 10 of you that are DEARLY and I just want to say Thank You for commenting. I am not to good at responding all the time but I do read each and every comment!!!!!
Please leave me a comment so I can come visit your blog and if you want to put the above banner on your blog, please click the button to head over to Fabulous K's Blog to get it!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am

*Tired of being unemployed. It has been almost a year since I had a steady job. I worked for 2 months at Sears in June and July but was fired for not generating enought credit applications...... REALLY 2 months I got 5 emails in about how good an employee I was from Surveys, I worked VERY hard, picked up shifts for people, CLEANED the tool area with friggin qtips before a corporate visit but because I didnt get enough credit applications I was fired. Bullshit. Total Bullshit. And frustrating to say the least. Come to find out a few weeks later they send everyone to "credit university" to teach them how to get credit apps better... THanks Guys.. couldnt hold on a few moore weeks.... asshats
*Annoyed at life. Nothing seems to go right. Honestly....I am lucky in some ways but un lucky in the ways where it matters the most. I have won a bunch of twitter giveaways in the past few months... prolly at least 10 or so. Bathsalts and tickets to events, autographed books. All kick ass stuff but where the HELL is the Publisher Clearing house van with my check and balloons??? Where is a Job offer?? Where is a baby?? Where is a Dog to rescue? (we want an English Bull Dog) Where is anything that I NEED not WANT?? I am NOT complaining about what I have gotten! I LOVE everything that has shown up in my mail box! I just wish I could direct that luck in a different area!!!
*Grumpy. And I HATE being grumpy. We all have our moments when we are grumpy but mine are moore and moore often lately and I know that all the above issues has a lot to do with it but I cant just "snap out of it" it isnt that easy. This has been the WORST year of my life. Honestly... 30 was NOT magical!!! I hope to whoever is out and up there that 31 is WAY better!!!!!
*Lonely. I miss my Mom. I miss Elizabeth Robin. I miss Nicole. These three are my total support system and beyond text messages and facebook chat I am so out of touch and it sucks!

yeah yeah pity party for Aurora Sunday but.... screw it! My Blog! My Party and I want to CRY!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I don't have it in me today

I PROMISE you all will get a real post from me tomorrow....... But For now.. PLEASE enjoy some of the thing that I enjoy!!!! ;)
Link Larkin Pictures, Images and Photos

JACOB BLACK IS HOT Pictures, Images and Photos

justin long Pictures, Images and Photos

brad pitt Pictures, Images and Photos
sung kang Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, November 20, 2009

Funny Friday

Still not having a good week so I figured I would throw a few things that always make me laugh up here!!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy This Week Thursday

Good Lord my Blog titles are getting longer and longer and longer......

This week hasn't been the best. Felt Yucky (lady parts) and no word back on a job interview I thought I did well at. Plugging away at applications is slowly killing me. Not hearing back or the old "We Will Call You" thing is just tired! I'm depressed and over it all!!! HIRE ME!!! I am a good worker! a hard worker! a dedicated worker! I am a 100% people person! I work VERY well with people and kids! For Fucks Sake.... HIRE ME TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!! *sigh*

I figured I needed to reign it in and to a post on things that have made me smile lately. There are a whole bunch so if you don't want to see my pics just check back tomorrow! I wont be upset attcha!

My Friend Amanda!!!! You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaTinney and follow her blog ! I was lucky enough to spend the day at Epcot with her about a month ago and I adore her! She is Disney Crazy just like me and I had MUCHO fun singing VERY LOUDLY at the Boyz 2 Men concert with her! I am sure we have MANY moore crazy times to come but she cracks me up and I love her!!!

Another kick ass order from!!! I wont bore you with a long post like last time but I spent 17 bucks and got all this!!!! TP, Paper Towels, Clorox Wipes, A Sponge, Dishwasher Tabs, Mousse, Dish Soap and Deodorant for Hubster!!! 16 bucks kids...... honestly.... free shipping and prices CHEAPER THEN WALMART!!! You can not pass this website up!

My BFF's Son Kai!!!! I want to squish him! They live in Cali so that wont be happening right now but when I see them I plan on spending a whole day just squishing him!!!!!!!

Watching the Shuttle Launch from my front stoop. This is the view we get to see :) Always kind of cool!

The DELISH Chicken Dill Pita and Fruit Salad I had at Too Jay's last week!! OMG!! It was AMAZING!! I always get the same few things there but they always please me! The Fruit salad was so fresh that the pineapple had some rind on it :) I was ok because it was SOOOOOO sweet!!! I also took home some delish Napoleons! They sell the Mini ones in a 4 pack so I was able to enjoy them for a few days!!! I LOVE Deli Food!!!

Seeing 2 of my favorite Authors a shelf away from each other at Barnes&Nobel !!! Kate Pearce wrote Simply Wicked (@Kate4Queen on twitter) and Cassie Ryan wrote Trio of Seduction (@TinaGerow on twitter) ! Both of these Authors are AMAZING!!! I have had the pleasure of talking to both ladies on twitter and they prolly think I am crazy because I am always bugging them about new books!!!! I HIGHLY suggest the House Of Pleasures Series by Kate and the Seduction Series by Cassie! Both series are from the Aphrodesia line and a BIT on the hot and heavy side but that's how I like them :)

VERA BRADLEY CHRISTMAS STOCKING!!!!! *swoon* I want one. I don't need one but damnit... it is so pretty :) I have the All in One Wristlet in this pattern of Blue Rhapsody and It makes me Happy to look at!!!! I am pretty sure Hubster wont buy me one so lets hope they go on sale after the holidays so I can have one next year!!!!

Flavors of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka! I Love this stuff. I usually just make my own sweet tea and put in vodka which isn't all that bad but I LOVE Peach, Mint and Raspberry Teas!!! I have so far only tried the Peach one which was delish!! Great pure peach flavor!!!! They also had Lemon and then just regular but I have had both of those.

YUMMY FOOD FROM JASON'S DELI!!! I LOVE Jason's Deli! One of my favorite places to go! I LOVE salad bars and theirs is the best! So I got a turkey sammie on a Croatian with garlic herb aeoli and a BIG HUGE salad bar salad!!!! AND the infamous Ginger bread muffins!!!!Funny thing about me. When I got out to a salad bar I don't often put much lettuce in my salad. I put maybe 4 pieces and then load up the toppings!! Here we have an assortment of bell peppers, cukes, egg, pasta salad, potato salad, nuts, sunflower seeds, croutons, apple slices, sprouts and some onion! SMOTHERED in Herb Ranch!! Oh Christ was it AMAZING!!!! I only ate maybe 3 bites of my sammie and took it to go! Because you have to get free ice cream!!! I love to make ice cream cones with soft serve :) I worked at McDonalds when I was 15 for a summer and was the QUEEN of soft serve cones!!!

And This Guy.... I know you are all sick of seeing him but... honestly without him....I would be a bigger hott mess then I already am ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glorious Games!!!!

So I said that one of the things I am thankful for are card and board games. Silly I know but I LOVE to play games! I used to camp in the summer with My best friend growing up Chrissy and out at camp mostly we listened to our mixed tapes and played games! I wanted to mention a few of my favorites and hopefully suggest a few to the few readers I have !

Scrabble is my FAVORITE game! We used to play it a lot when I was a kiddo. My Grandmother had ne of those pale blue turntable sets. Real Old School! We had a few travel sets too. James and I have a regualr board set, a travel set with snap in letters and a tiny little set on a carabiener that I got him for his birthday. We even have a mini dictionary we use! He usually wins but I love to play!!!

Uno Attack was one of the purchases I made the first year we stayed at my parents condo in Kissimmee and it was one of those best 15 bucks I have ever spent! THis game is SO MUCH FUN!!!! It has special cards and it is so much fun to see how many cards it is going to spit out at everyone playing!!!! Fun for EVERYONE!!!!

As a kiddo I could NEVER get anyone to play Monopoly with me.... nobody ever wanted to and I was always that loser kid who played by herself and stole from the bank..... wow.... that is sad! ANYWAY James's cousin Dan got me this new Monopoly this past Christmas! It has credit cards!!! LOVE THAT!!!! We played this with the Fam when they visited this past time and although it is a long game it was a blast!

Phase 10 and Skip Bo are games that Chrissy and I used to play for HOURS on END in the screen house! OMG! HOURS!!!! But they are fun games! James and I usually bring these with us when we do laundry! James tends to cheat but ..... he cheats at EVERYTHING *not really.. i just refuse to believe that he is that good at EVERYTHING*

This Game makes for the worlds most amusing drinking game! When you and another person have written down the same word then you drink OR when you leave a spot blank you drink and the moore you drink the moore you screw up! GOOD CLEAN FUN PEOPLE!!!!!

I love playing Life. I always pick to marry a woman! I always make up a fun story about us and our children and I ALWAYS drive a Subaru..... with a I *wool sock* LLBean Bumper Sticker!!!!! :) Thats how I roll!!!!

MY MOST FAVORITE SERIES OF GAMES OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!! You can NOT go wrong with Scene It!!! We have all three listed here! We have had MANY friends over on MANY times to play these games! they tend to run a bit pricier then most board games but in my mind they are SO worth it!!!

And FYI SantaHusband and SantaMommy I would like this one for Christmas or my Birthday!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

7 Year Itch

Once Upon a time almost 31 years ago my mom had me and I was all she needed.

7 years later she spawned the beast that is known now as my angry and moody but lovable brother.

7 years later she had the coolness that is my laid back and easy going brother.

7 years later they bought my moody brother a dog named Spanky. He was suppose to be a MINIATURE wiener dog but he didn't read the contract and he was VERY F-A-T! ( you have to spell it because he knows the word and gets very embarrassed)He isn't as fat any moore though. He was put on a diet and now his belly doesn't touch the ground as much! But by far the most LOVABLE dog of all time! Spank LOVES the Ladies!!! LOVES THEM!!!

7 years later came the WORST thing of all time. Another Miniature Wiener dog Named Skylar (I call her Darla because it is a MUCH better fit)I have NEVER in my life met a moore pretentious, stuck up, needy and SPOILED animal in my life. She is a Princess in every letter of the word. She prances and she demands attention. She could care less about other people but the intimate circle of people in her house. And it is HER HOUSE! My Mother has cut off conversations because Skylar needed her to spend time with her..... killing me mother... KILLING ME!!

We have 3 years left until the next 7th year mark and I am Guessing that she will want Grand babies.....not guessing so much as will start DEMANDING them..... I have no problem complying with that! As long as there isn't another Dog to compete with I am fine..... but now that I think about it....I will have to compete with a baby.....
Oh Hell......

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things I am Thankful For

THis is the blog I did for a guest post on my new friend Roxy's blog for yesterday. I wanted to also post it here because I really like my list :)

1. My Husband James- He is the MOST amazing thing in my life. Today is our 7th together/2nd Wedding Anniversary! I met him exactaly 7 years ago today and it was Love at First Sight! How Stupid and Cliche I though Love at First Sight was until I stepped off a plane from New Hampshire to Orlando, Florida and WHAM... those brown eyes pulled me in!

2. My Mother- She is me and I am her! As a kid I didn't have a relationship with her and was raised by my grandparents but in my Adult life she is my best friend! I can talk to her about anything and she listens and offers opinions and solutions and never judges me! She visits me in Florida at LEAST twice a year! She cooks Pasta sauce for me and lets me lay my head in her lap and she plays with my hair and we talk :) I love her to death!

3. My Best Friend/Wifey Elizabeth- She still lives in New Hampshire and I don't see her much or talk to her much but she is a constant in my life that I can not live without! We met when we were 22 and 20 and we had both just given up on men all together LOL! She is the Brains to my Street Smarts! She is the Legs to my Boobs! She calls exactly when I need her to and we have always been like that!!! She is Beautiful and I Love her!!!

4. My Health- I have gotten sick SO much this past year! In January my immune system rebelled and I have gotten sick at least every month! BUT No Swine Flu for me! And I know that not getting Swine Flu is not that important but people are DYING from this crap!

5. Living In Orlando-I LOVE ORLANDO,FLORIDA!!!! LOL! Me and the Fam used to Vacation here when I was a child at least 3 times a year from New Hampshire! And when it came time for me to leave the nest my little 2 door hatchback headed RIGHT to Orlando! It is perfect for me! Always Sunny, Always Something to do, NEVER SNOWS! I love it here. Sure I miss my Mom and BFF in New Hampshire but I am SOOOOOOO much happier in the sun then the snow. Unless James's job moves him to Las Vegas, I don't see us ever leaving again!

6.Twitter- I have met some of the most AMAZING people on twitter! I made a best friend on Twitter! Someone that I had an instant connection with! Someone who got me and I get her! Beyond Her, I have had such a great time getting to know people on twitter! Weather we talk about Disney or Blackberrys or Survivor or Music or Movies, the 700+ people I have on my list make me smile each and every day!!! I worry when they are upset and they are a GREAT support system!! I have gotten to talk to some of my favorite Authors and Musicians too! I think it is an amazing Network and I feel bad for folks who wont try it!!!

7. Books- I have always been a HUGE reader. I was reading at a very young age! I was the kid who would enter the library contests each summer to see how many books you can read! I won moore book bags then I can count those summers! I was always the kid who read under the covers with a flashlight too :) As an adult I am the same way! I have a flashlight application on my blackberry that is a flashlight that I use in bed to read so I don't have to get up and turn off the light LOL. Books are my escape. I love getting invested in the stories of the people! I read a bit of everything. I Love Harry Potter, I love Twilight, I Love Shakespeare, I Love Erotica, I love Bios, I love cookbooks, I love silly young adult book series! Really... I like a whole lot! gets the bulk of my money each month!!

8. Board and Card Games- I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE game nights!!!!! You can NOT go wrong with a good night of Here and Now Credit Card Monopoly or Scrabble, Scene It, Uno, Phase 10, Scatergories, Trivial Pursuit or Life ! I love games of all kinds!!!! It seems really silly but I have had moore fun some nights playing games with friends then out at the club!! When my fam comes to visit we ALWAYS make sure to have a family game night! We make yummy drinks and just have fun!

9. My Brothers- I have 2 Brothers. One is 23 Today actually and the other just turned 16 in July. I love them to death. They really are amazing kids. the 23 year old is dating my good friend and lives here in Orlando and the 16 year old wants to come to Orlando for College to study Robotics! I love spending time with them (mostly) but I am thankful that I have both those dudes..... But I am GLAD I am the oldest ;) I didn't have to share anything for 7 years!!! lol
Being raised away from them was sucky but i have great relationships with them now :) the 23 year old makes me NUTS and I want to hurt him but He gives great hugs and always cracks my back when I ask! The 16 year old is the COOLEST kid I know!!! He always has ladies calling him, he always goes to dances, he works on his schools Robotics team and he isn't the least but nerdy! He has a MUCH moore active social life then me at 16 then I have now at almost 31! LOL! They are Great younger Brothers!

10. Walt Disney World- I LOVE Disney! It is my Happy Place! It is where I have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life and hopefully once I get thru school I will run their guest services department! Everyone has to be a kid sometimes and Disney is exactly where it is ok to do so!! 4 amazing parks, fantastic resorts, Pools, water parks, FOOD, that is Love for me! I am a 30 year old Disney Dork and I have NO problem with that. It isn't all about Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. It is about a lot moore then that for me. Memories for me as a kid almost totally revolve around Disney. My last memories of my Grandfather have to do with Disney, taking my mom and dad to Disney for the first time, my husband's birthday at EPCOT and being a crazy teenager with my bff Chrissy chasing boys around the parks! Such good times and when I finally have babies I can not WAIT to make memories with them there!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Book Adoration- A Guest Post

I have been wondering what to write about for this guest post quite a while, ever since I signed up for the blog swap. Seeing as I didn't know who I would swap with I decided to wait till I knew and then I could write something relevant or cool or whatever. Then I found out who I was swapping with and I panicked, now I had to decide what to write and believe me I had no idea. I first thought my post should fit in with the rest of Aurora's blog, but what do I know about her life?
Then she send me her post about 10 things she's thankful for and I had a quick peek into what was important in her life. Now maybe you see this as cheating, me first reading her post before writing mine, but I think me having some insight would give me a better sense of what to write. So I started reading her list, smiling as I read all the things she were thankful for till I got to number 7.
Books! Now there is something we have in common. I absolutely looooooooove reading and no I'm not over exaggerating. Before I read Aurora's post though, I was thinking along the lines of maybe I should write something about why I love to write and believe me those two are connected. Since I was in preschool I used to love reading. We had a room at preschool that was divided into different sections and then we would rotate to get a chance to play or learn at each of these corners. My mom told me that everytime we were at the bookcorner and had to rotate I refused to leave. I don't remember that but I remember in Grade 1 when they gave us those patheticly short books to read I would finish it right then and there and get so frustrated when we had to go through is ever so sloooooooooowly. I was/is more of a bookmonster then a bookworm, reading every suitable book I could lay my hands on. When I discovered libraries there was no stopping me and after I learned my second language (English) a whole new world opened to me, with more choices of books I could read. I have read so many books, some great, some not so great, and some totally horrible, but I read them anyway. :)

In school I never really wrote anything except assignments given to me. I wrote maybe just about a dozen independent pieces, but I'd like to believe that because of my reading habit writing came easily to me. Ever since I started attending university less than five years ago, my reading got interupted, all the fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery, thrillers and what not replaced with textbooks like Calculus and I pined. I pined to read again, every holiday that I went home and didn't have to study I would go raid the local library. Taking over almost everyone in my families library cards so I could get a fair amount of books to read. My mother always used to say I could just as well not come home, because they anyway never see or hear from me when I'm reading.

In the meantime during the semester I had this very not literature inclined course I was doing (Computer Science) and I needed an outlet so I started writing poetry, thoughts swimming in my head all day and I loved it. Now that I'm a postgrad student I have found the balance between reading non-academic related books, my writing hobby and working on my research.
So last night I thought, maybe this post should be about why I write and as I was lying there I thought how I would say it, then I remembered something I wrote a few weeks ago. A poem about my love for reading and why I write, so instead of posting a long explanation of why, I'll leave you with this poem and want to also dedicate it to Aurora knowing she would totally understand the reading books part of it.

For my love of books
i love to escape
slip away in books
written by people
than me
i’d lock myself in towers of fantasy
teaching myself the magic of words
reliving tales spun by weavers of imagination
following a golden thread of thought
to a cave, a lamp, a princess,
a land of eternal youth
i am a thief
i am a prince, dragon, hobbit,
warrior, seeker, wizzard
intergalactic spy
i am truth
i am a lie
i am a saviour
a fool, a wiseman,
the one, carrier of hope
i am darkness
i am light
i find inspiration
hidden amidst the pages of books
written by people
than me
i draw from feelings around me
sometimes they are not my own
i tap into your fears and failures
i close my eyes and i imagine
my feet, your shoes,
your feelings, my words
and i take up my pen
to lend my voice
to you
who cannot speak


As dawn approaches,
The sun lifts it head and yawns -
Its breath warms the earth.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary James

7 years ago today I met the man that I would marry 5 years later which makes today our 2 year Wedding Anniversary!!! Hard to think that when I stepped off the plane and into the arms of a man I had only been talking to on Yahoo Messenger for a few months, I would be marrying him and spend my life with him. He is the ying to my yang. He is the quite to my loud. He is the Eeyore to my Tigger. The Patrick Star to my Sponge Bob. He is my Love and Soul Mate and I love him more then I could ever imagine loving anybody!

We have had some very rough times this year. VERY! We have both been to places neither one of us thought we were capeable of going to but we push on and we make it work!

We are silly and stupid and lame and just plain us! We dont put on airs and we dont pretend!

We get our picture taken with Characters who have MAN HANDS! Worst Snow White EVER!!!

We voluntEAR at Special Olympics events together

We get dressed up and go to weddings together!

We dress up as the Crazy Cat Lady and Magnum PI together!!!

We dance together!

Over all.... we are good for one another!!! I can not imagine where I would be without him....

James Iverson, I love you! You are my Soulmate forever (not the 2 week kind)! Thank You for dealing with me, putting up with me and most of all thank you for loving me! I know it isnt easy but you make it seem like it is!!!!