Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things I am Thankful For

THis is the blog I did for a guest post on my new friend Roxy's blog for yesterday. I wanted to also post it here because I really like my list :)

1. My Husband James- He is the MOST amazing thing in my life. Today is our 7th together/2nd Wedding Anniversary! I met him exactaly 7 years ago today and it was Love at First Sight! How Stupid and Cliche I though Love at First Sight was until I stepped off a plane from New Hampshire to Orlando, Florida and WHAM... those brown eyes pulled me in!

2. My Mother- She is me and I am her! As a kid I didn't have a relationship with her and was raised by my grandparents but in my Adult life she is my best friend! I can talk to her about anything and she listens and offers opinions and solutions and never judges me! She visits me in Florida at LEAST twice a year! She cooks Pasta sauce for me and lets me lay my head in her lap and she plays with my hair and we talk :) I love her to death!

3. My Best Friend/Wifey Elizabeth- She still lives in New Hampshire and I don't see her much or talk to her much but she is a constant in my life that I can not live without! We met when we were 22 and 20 and we had both just given up on men all together LOL! She is the Brains to my Street Smarts! She is the Legs to my Boobs! She calls exactly when I need her to and we have always been like that!!! She is Beautiful and I Love her!!!

4. My Health- I have gotten sick SO much this past year! In January my immune system rebelled and I have gotten sick at least every month! BUT No Swine Flu for me! And I know that not getting Swine Flu is not that important but people are DYING from this crap!

5. Living In Orlando-I LOVE ORLANDO,FLORIDA!!!! LOL! Me and the Fam used to Vacation here when I was a child at least 3 times a year from New Hampshire! And when it came time for me to leave the nest my little 2 door hatchback headed RIGHT to Orlando! It is perfect for me! Always Sunny, Always Something to do, NEVER SNOWS! I love it here. Sure I miss my Mom and BFF in New Hampshire but I am SOOOOOOO much happier in the sun then the snow. Unless James's job moves him to Las Vegas, I don't see us ever leaving again!

6.Twitter- I have met some of the most AMAZING people on twitter! I made a best friend on Twitter! Someone that I had an instant connection with! Someone who got me and I get her! Beyond Her, I have had such a great time getting to know people on twitter! Weather we talk about Disney or Blackberrys or Survivor or Music or Movies, the 700+ people I have on my list make me smile each and every day!!! I worry when they are upset and they are a GREAT support system!! I have gotten to talk to some of my favorite Authors and Musicians too! I think it is an amazing Network and I feel bad for folks who wont try it!!!

7. Books- I have always been a HUGE reader. I was reading at a very young age! I was the kid who would enter the library contests each summer to see how many books you can read! I won moore book bags then I can count those summers! I was always the kid who read under the covers with a flashlight too :) As an adult I am the same way! I have a flashlight application on my blackberry that is a flashlight that I use in bed to read so I don't have to get up and turn off the light LOL. Books are my escape. I love getting invested in the stories of the people! I read a bit of everything. I Love Harry Potter, I love Twilight, I Love Shakespeare, I Love Erotica, I love Bios, I love cookbooks, I love silly young adult book series! Really... I like a whole lot! gets the bulk of my money each month!!

8. Board and Card Games- I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE game nights!!!!! You can NOT go wrong with a good night of Here and Now Credit Card Monopoly or Scrabble, Scene It, Uno, Phase 10, Scatergories, Trivial Pursuit or Life ! I love games of all kinds!!!! It seems really silly but I have had moore fun some nights playing games with friends then out at the club!! When my fam comes to visit we ALWAYS make sure to have a family game night! We make yummy drinks and just have fun!

9. My Brothers- I have 2 Brothers. One is 23 Today actually and the other just turned 16 in July. I love them to death. They really are amazing kids. the 23 year old is dating my good friend and lives here in Orlando and the 16 year old wants to come to Orlando for College to study Robotics! I love spending time with them (mostly) but I am thankful that I have both those dudes..... But I am GLAD I am the oldest ;) I didn't have to share anything for 7 years!!! lol
Being raised away from them was sucky but i have great relationships with them now :) the 23 year old makes me NUTS and I want to hurt him but He gives great hugs and always cracks my back when I ask! The 16 year old is the COOLEST kid I know!!! He always has ladies calling him, he always goes to dances, he works on his schools Robotics team and he isn't the least but nerdy! He has a MUCH moore active social life then me at 16 then I have now at almost 31! LOL! They are Great younger Brothers!

10. Walt Disney World- I LOVE Disney! It is my Happy Place! It is where I have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life and hopefully once I get thru school I will run their guest services department! Everyone has to be a kid sometimes and Disney is exactly where it is ok to do so!! 4 amazing parks, fantastic resorts, Pools, water parks, FOOD, that is Love for me! I am a 30 year old Disney Dork and I have NO problem with that. It isn't all about Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. It is about a lot moore then that for me. Memories for me as a kid almost totally revolve around Disney. My last memories of my Grandfather have to do with Disney, taking my mom and dad to Disney for the first time, my husband's birthday at EPCOT and being a crazy teenager with my bff Chrissy chasing boys around the parks! Such good times and when I finally have babies I can not WAIT to make memories with them there!!!!


  1. Now I know why I love you so much! Thanks for posting such a positive piece! Makes me reflect on my own wonderful life and all of the things I am most thankful for!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Disney Dorks Unite!!


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