Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Things that Make Me Happy!

A Friend Challenged me to name 30 things that make me happy. In No particular order.....

Singing to a Crowd of people I don't know
Lazy Rivers
My Girlfriends
My Husband's Kisses
Greeting Cards
New Baby Smell
Pictures of my Grandfather
My Uncle Joseph
Driving Fast with the Windows down
Angry Girl Music
Sleeping late with good dreams you remember
Caffeine Free Pepsi in a can
Coconut Bubble Tea
Stupidity with Thaddeus
Charlie's Angels With my Mom and Nicole
Smooth Coconut truffles from Godiva
The Smell of the beach before you get there
Brand New Socks
New Boy shorts from American Eagle
Board Games
Card Games
Food and Wine Festival
Girls Nights
Fitting into Old clothes and or having to buy new smaller sizes

I plan to spend some time examining how happy these things make me. These arent the only things but these are the 30 that came to my mind first! Amazingly enough, I had a huge smile on my face while thinking of them