Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy This Week Thursday

Good Lord my Blog titles are getting longer and longer and longer......

This week hasn't been the best. Felt Yucky (lady parts) and no word back on a job interview I thought I did well at. Plugging away at applications is slowly killing me. Not hearing back or the old "We Will Call You" thing is just tired! I'm depressed and over it all!!! HIRE ME!!! I am a good worker! a hard worker! a dedicated worker! I am a 100% people person! I work VERY well with people and kids! For Fucks Sake.... HIRE ME TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!! *sigh*

I figured I needed to reign it in and to a post on things that have made me smile lately. There are a whole bunch so if you don't want to see my pics just check back tomorrow! I wont be upset attcha!

My Friend Amanda!!!! You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaTinney and follow her blog ! I was lucky enough to spend the day at Epcot with her about a month ago and I adore her! She is Disney Crazy just like me and I had MUCHO fun singing VERY LOUDLY at the Boyz 2 Men concert with her! I am sure we have MANY moore crazy times to come but she cracks me up and I love her!!!

Another kick ass order from!!! I wont bore you with a long post like last time but I spent 17 bucks and got all this!!!! TP, Paper Towels, Clorox Wipes, A Sponge, Dishwasher Tabs, Mousse, Dish Soap and Deodorant for Hubster!!! 16 bucks kids...... honestly.... free shipping and prices CHEAPER THEN WALMART!!! You can not pass this website up!

My BFF's Son Kai!!!! I want to squish him! They live in Cali so that wont be happening right now but when I see them I plan on spending a whole day just squishing him!!!!!!!

Watching the Shuttle Launch from my front stoop. This is the view we get to see :) Always kind of cool!

The DELISH Chicken Dill Pita and Fruit Salad I had at Too Jay's last week!! OMG!! It was AMAZING!! I always get the same few things there but they always please me! The Fruit salad was so fresh that the pineapple had some rind on it :) I was ok because it was SOOOOOO sweet!!! I also took home some delish Napoleons! They sell the Mini ones in a 4 pack so I was able to enjoy them for a few days!!! I LOVE Deli Food!!!

Seeing 2 of my favorite Authors a shelf away from each other at Barnes&Nobel !!! Kate Pearce wrote Simply Wicked (@Kate4Queen on twitter) and Cassie Ryan wrote Trio of Seduction (@TinaGerow on twitter) ! Both of these Authors are AMAZING!!! I have had the pleasure of talking to both ladies on twitter and they prolly think I am crazy because I am always bugging them about new books!!!! I HIGHLY suggest the House Of Pleasures Series by Kate and the Seduction Series by Cassie! Both series are from the Aphrodesia line and a BIT on the hot and heavy side but that's how I like them :)

VERA BRADLEY CHRISTMAS STOCKING!!!!! *swoon* I want one. I don't need one but damnit... it is so pretty :) I have the All in One Wristlet in this pattern of Blue Rhapsody and It makes me Happy to look at!!!! I am pretty sure Hubster wont buy me one so lets hope they go on sale after the holidays so I can have one next year!!!!

Flavors of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka! I Love this stuff. I usually just make my own sweet tea and put in vodka which isn't all that bad but I LOVE Peach, Mint and Raspberry Teas!!! I have so far only tried the Peach one which was delish!! Great pure peach flavor!!!! They also had Lemon and then just regular but I have had both of those.

YUMMY FOOD FROM JASON'S DELI!!! I LOVE Jason's Deli! One of my favorite places to go! I LOVE salad bars and theirs is the best! So I got a turkey sammie on a Croatian with garlic herb aeoli and a BIG HUGE salad bar salad!!!! AND the infamous Ginger bread muffins!!!!Funny thing about me. When I got out to a salad bar I don't often put much lettuce in my salad. I put maybe 4 pieces and then load up the toppings!! Here we have an assortment of bell peppers, cukes, egg, pasta salad, potato salad, nuts, sunflower seeds, croutons, apple slices, sprouts and some onion! SMOTHERED in Herb Ranch!! Oh Christ was it AMAZING!!!! I only ate maybe 3 bites of my sammie and took it to go! Because you have to get free ice cream!!! I love to make ice cream cones with soft serve :) I worked at McDonalds when I was 15 for a summer and was the QUEEN of soft serve cones!!!

And This Guy.... I know you are all sick of seeing him but... honestly without him....I would be a bigger hott mess then I already am ;)


  1. know how to put a smile on this grumpy old face!!! You are a doll!!!

  2. Rora...I love you and my life is richer with you in it!


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