Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am

*Tired of being unemployed. It has been almost a year since I had a steady job. I worked for 2 months at Sears in June and July but was fired for not generating enought credit applications...... REALLY 2 months I got 5 emails in about how good an employee I was from Surveys, I worked VERY hard, picked up shifts for people, CLEANED the tool area with friggin qtips before a corporate visit but because I didnt get enough credit applications I was fired. Bullshit. Total Bullshit. And frustrating to say the least. Come to find out a few weeks later they send everyone to "credit university" to teach them how to get credit apps better... THanks Guys.. couldnt hold on a few moore weeks.... asshats
*Annoyed at life. Nothing seems to go right. Honestly....I am lucky in some ways but un lucky in the ways where it matters the most. I have won a bunch of twitter giveaways in the past few months... prolly at least 10 or so. Bathsalts and tickets to events, autographed books. All kick ass stuff but where the HELL is the Publisher Clearing house van with my check and balloons??? Where is a Job offer?? Where is a baby?? Where is a Dog to rescue? (we want an English Bull Dog) Where is anything that I NEED not WANT?? I am NOT complaining about what I have gotten! I LOVE everything that has shown up in my mail box! I just wish I could direct that luck in a different area!!!
*Grumpy. And I HATE being grumpy. We all have our moments when we are grumpy but mine are moore and moore often lately and I know that all the above issues has a lot to do with it but I cant just "snap out of it" it isnt that easy. This has been the WORST year of my life. Honestly... 30 was NOT magical!!! I hope to whoever is out and up there that 31 is WAY better!!!!!
*Lonely. I miss my Mom. I miss Elizabeth Robin. I miss Nicole. These three are my total support system and beyond text messages and facebook chat I am so out of touch and it sucks!

yeah yeah pity party for Aurora Sunday but.... screw it! My Blog! My Party and I want to CRY!


  1. I love you and understand!!! Hang in there...something is going to go right...promise...if my life can get better then anyone's can...I am sure you are tired of hearing rah-rahs, but I understand.

    Plus, it is crap that you were fired the way you were from Sears...never liked Sears deserve better... :)

  2. 1. I LOVE YOU!

    2. I wish we weren't 3,000 miles away from each other. I would so hug you! That's big for me. I don't hug. lol

    3. You are amazing!! 2009 has probably been the shittiest year ever. I totally feel you on that. This will turn around. Sometimes it takes much longer than we would like, but it always happens.

    You will get EVERYTHING you want or need. You are doing your part, being out there searching, interviewing. It'll happen for you when you least expect it.

    You truly have become one of my very best friends and I love you dearly. You know I'm here if you need anything at all. Just say the word.

  3. I miss you, too...




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