Monday, November 16, 2009

7 Year Itch

Once Upon a time almost 31 years ago my mom had me and I was all she needed.

7 years later she spawned the beast that is known now as my angry and moody but lovable brother.

7 years later she had the coolness that is my laid back and easy going brother.

7 years later they bought my moody brother a dog named Spanky. He was suppose to be a MINIATURE wiener dog but he didn't read the contract and he was VERY F-A-T! ( you have to spell it because he knows the word and gets very embarrassed)He isn't as fat any moore though. He was put on a diet and now his belly doesn't touch the ground as much! But by far the most LOVABLE dog of all time! Spank LOVES the Ladies!!! LOVES THEM!!!

7 years later came the WORST thing of all time. Another Miniature Wiener dog Named Skylar (I call her Darla because it is a MUCH better fit)I have NEVER in my life met a moore pretentious, stuck up, needy and SPOILED animal in my life. She is a Princess in every letter of the word. She prances and she demands attention. She could care less about other people but the intimate circle of people in her house. And it is HER HOUSE! My Mother has cut off conversations because Skylar needed her to spend time with her..... killing me mother... KILLING ME!!

We have 3 years left until the next 7th year mark and I am Guessing that she will want Grand babies.....not guessing so much as will start DEMANDING them..... I have no problem complying with that! As long as there isn't another Dog to compete with I am fine..... but now that I think about it....I will have to compete with a baby.....
Oh Hell......


  1. It's Skylar's world, and your mom's just living in it. Very cute post, Aurora!

  2. that is beyond the truth......friggin yappy dog!!!

  3. OK, look...Sky turned 2 in have 4 years from then, allowing for the 9 month pregnancy.

    For the record, I have NEVER cut off conversations to play with the dog! >sheesh<

    Cute post, bratling...



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