Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday is Date Day!!!

I LOVE Tuesdays! They are Date day for me and James!!! He works overnights and has off MOnday and Tuesdays. MOndays he sleeps. Tuesdays are our day! I LOVE TUESDAYS! We always try to do something! Even if it is just watching a movie and playing scrabble we always spend the day together! The past 2 Tuesdays we have been at Epcot....Now Today wasnt THAT exciting but we had fun. We decided that we wanted Bubble Tea so we had to head to the Asian Market side of town to our local Lollicup for some DELISH Bubble Tea!!!

Hubster got Chi Boba Milk Tea and I got my usual Coconut Boba Milk Tea! They were Delish!! *drools*

Once we left there we went to the Asian Market we favor to look at all the cool candy and foodage! We got a few thigns to munch on untill lunch! James got a Pork Pho ball with mushrooms that he really liked and I got a sausage Roll that I didnt eat right away but looked yummy.... sorry no pics....

We headed down the road to a large shopping area/outdoor mall thing because I was DYING to go to Old Navy since I have better luck at the stores then online. I may be a Chubby girly but their online Plus stuff never works for me and I always end up returning it. I need normal tops but Plus Bottoms... *le sigh* balls...

ANYWAY.... Long Sleve Striped Tshirts are on sale this week for 7 bucks!! LOVE THAT! We picked up a Black and REd strippied one for James and I got a Multi Colored one and a Purple and Grey striped one!!

I then headed back to the clearance rack and although I didnt find any jeans which was my main focus I found shirts for 1.97, 2.9, 3.99 and 5.99!!!! SCORE!!!! ROCKSTAR SCORE!!!!!!! I only got 2 shirts but wanted to get a whole lot moore!! I restrained and kept it at a minimum!!!

James has this new love for Argyle which the Yankee Girl in me LOVES so I went for it!! And although I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE H A T E birds I loved the sayings on this shirt and had to bring it home with me! It is in a lovely shade of Brightish green which looks good with my mocha complection *sparkley eyes* and James liked it! Not bad for 2.99 and 1.97!! Quite Impressed walking out of Old Navy with 5 shirts for 28 bucks!!!!

Next up was Marhsalls! I LOVE me some Marshalls and Ross and TJ Maxx! I always get the best deals there! I tend to be able to find everyone else kick ass stuff there and do ok for me. Today was a good day!!! No Jeans *blast* but we did find some cute house stuff!!!!!

We LOVE anything Nautical! Our Wedding was "Nautically Casual" and it has carried over into our everyday life ;) I will have to post pics of our Nautically Casual bathroom and pieces in the house soon!!!! ANYWAY! This picture frame was 1 buck my friends!! It was a little banged up with some scratches and when we got home I attacked it with a Magic Eraser and it came out ADORABLE!!!! And we threw one of our EPCOT pics in there! I am quite Happy!!!!

This is on the outside of our downstairs bathroom door!!! ISNT IT CUTE!!!!! 3 BUCKS! I love me a good deal!!!! It was actually 7.99 but I grabbed the one with no price tag and the sales girl was too lazy to run back and find one of the other 18 with a price tag and gave it to us for 3 bucks! I Love Laziness!!!!!

I had never heard of this movie..... but for 3 bucks I was willing to take the risk! Well... when James and I got home, after we watched So You Think You Can Dance (love it) We watched exactally 32 minutes of the movie and SHUT IT OFF!!! Thats how bad it was... I am sending it to my girl Brie
! I will take the 3 dollar plus shipping loss if I NEVER have to watch this movie again! Enjoy Brie Girly!!!!!

After Marshalls we went to Ross and got James the COOLEST pair of gloves!

They had special sensor things on the thubs and pointer fingers so you can work your IPod with the gloves on AND a valve on top of your hand that allows you to blow your hot air *hahahahaha* into them to warm up your hands! Super cool! he is quite excited to show them off at work!!! $50.00 gloves for $4.99! Thats right folks..... no expense spared for my Hubster ;)
After all thisshopping we were both hungry so we tried a new place for us. Baja Buritto Kitchen!

I got a Steak Buritto with Rice, Onions&Peppers, Sour Cream and Salsa. I am a FIRM Chipotle follower but this place was REALLY Yummy! James got the same thing but with Chicken and Cheese in his. It was very yummy with the exact delish flavors! ONce you added their medium sauce I was in heaven! I only go thru half of it and when I got home the other half was perfect!!! This place is added to the list!!!! YEs! We have a List!!!! We are Chubby people!!!!
After we left there we went to Total Wine & Spirits. This place was like the Sams Club for Alcoholics! So many choices in such a huge place! Beer, Liquor, Champagne! Amazing!!! The have a whole isle of single bottles of beer for you to make your own 6 pack!!! SO COOL!!!! And for the non beer drinker that is me they had lots of Shantys and Malt Beverages and Fruity stuff like that!!!

Seriously.... SUCH a cool place!!!!! Better then ABC!!!!
After that it was for our final trip of the day to Target!!! WHo does not like a trip there?? Even Hubster was excited!! We got a bunch of random stuff really.... we shopped like stoners when I stand back and realize it. We got new Jersey SHeets with Penguines, Snow Men and Santa Sunbathing in a pool on them,Scrabble Slam, Half Off Halloween Candy, 2 DVDs ( Juno and a collection of all 4 Batman Movies) Tylenol, Z Bars (Honey Graham)and Water...... The oddest assortment! But we had a good day and enjoyed the time together!
I realize that I am posting this at 12:34 am but i started it at like 10:30pm and that should count!!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! If you like burritos, do you have a California Tortilla place down there yet? They are based here in the DC-area, so I'm not sure where they've expanded to yet. Anyway, they are YUM! (BatGirl76)


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