Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Cards!!!!

OK, I will admit it....
I am BAD about Christmas Cards!
I take the time and fill them out all nice and pretty
I Never Send Them Out!

James rolls his eyes EVERY YEAR when I pull out the Rubbermaid
shoebox of cards and the green and red and silver pens
and start making my list because he knows

I have vowed to change my Christmas/Holiday Card Ways!

Since this has been my year in Social Media activities and I have taken so many trips to Disney, I figured that I should show off my favorite place to visit with James in our pictures and what better way to incorporate Christmas Cards and Pictures then Shutterfly?

James and I have used Shutterfly a few times before to send away for prints from our wedding and Our 2 big trips to Disney for His Birthday and My Birthday! The Pictures came out fantastic and we have a lot of them in frames around the house! We have had a few of them blown up into larger pictures and the pixelation is not off at all! Which AMAZES me!!! My #AsianBFFNicole has even gotten some calenders and Mugs done from Shutterfly! Love those ideas as gifts!!!!

Ok, so back to Christmas/Holiday Cards.
I want something NOT Religious because, that is not us.
I want something cheery and bright.
I want something that is fun and festive BUT not over the top!
These are the choices I have picked out so far!

Um THIS is adorable and I have a very cute Castle/Kissing picture I could use!

This Is perfect for a Holiday card for those who celebrate all and everything! :) And it is Festive!

FLIPPING ADORABLE!!!! I Love them! Simple and Cute!

Ok, I really like this! 4 spots for 4 Disney park pictures.... Totally a contender!

OMG ! I REALLY Like this one!!!!! This isnt going to be easy! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I REALLY like this idea... would be a fun way to show off our year to Family & Friends!
Much Cuter then sending a Christmas Letter!

This is the card I had First looked at when I thought about doing Christmas Cards this year! Here is a Mock up of what I had planned.....
I am not a HUGE fan of my picture choices so James and I are still playing with ideas. But this gives us an idea of what we want to do!
We are hoping to get out to the Parks in the next few weeks to grab some pictures to help out with the cards!
But I do know for sure that I will be using Shutterfly for my cards! I can't go wrong with the prices and the quality!

If you are a blogger and would like to receive 50 Free Cards from Shutterfly then PLEASE click here!

Wordless Wednesday

(Fantasmic 1999 with my favorite Ethnic Girl Meredith)
Um WOW was I fat......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Teenage Dream- Glee

I have probably watched this video 647 times since Last week.... I can NOT get enough! Boys who harmonize just make me fall apart!!! Plus Kurt looks like he is SO damn Happy and RaWR at Blaine ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary James!

To the Man who Makes Me Laugh on a Daily basis
To The Man who Never is a lack for knowledge of the rarest forms
To the Man who lets me be as Bitey and Smackey as I want
To the Man Who lets me be whiny and needy as much as I want

8 years ago today we met and both agreed it was love at first sight

3 years ago today we decided to say I Do

It hasn't been the best year for us but we have made it through!
Happy 8 year together, 3 year married Anniversary to my Lover*, Soulmate* and Rock!

Forever and Always
not the two week kind either

*- My Mother hates those phrases and told us at our wedding if we used them that she would kill us both. Well we did and she didn't BUT the nicknames have stuck as a joke :) Gotta Love it!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sure, I want to be "part of the club" but We can't always get what we want!!!! So if that means I have to watch from the side then so be it.