Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Deals!!!

So I am a HUGE fan of The Frugal Girls Blog! I LOVE their blog and I am a everyday viewer of their killer tips on deals! A few weeks ago they did a post about and I was VERY interested! is a website that you can shop on for household things. Everything from Office Supplies to Cleaning Stuff to Cereal to Peanuts to Diapers to Shampoo! Honestly there is a bit of everything on that site! And the bonus is that any of the coupons that are floating around on the net or in the Sunday paper for items they sell they AUTOMATICALLY apply it to your order!!! AMAZING!! I Love me some coupons and I LOVE me some deals!!! PLUS EVERY order you make is FREE SHIPPING!!!I spend a few hours looking at all the things on the site and after looking at the prices I decided to place an order!!! Now I have to share that my Hubster works for the WalMart corp and as his spouse I get a Discount on everything except grocery and the prices on are BETTER then the discount I get! YEP!! TOTALLY MAKING AN ORDER! I LOVE their way to order. When you click on something to order.... like Ziploc Bags a new pop up window comes up and asks if you want to add this to a future order or a now order AND if you would like to be reminded of this item in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months! HOW AMAZING IS THAT??? IF you are a say Contact Wearer then this might be SUPER helpful for you! Or For your Feminine Products! Ok so you place your order and right on the screen it shows the regular price and the coupon amount and then the adjusted price so you can see your savings!!! LOVE THAT TOO!!! I love to see what I have spent and what I have saved right next to each other! So I placed my order easy peasy! That was a week ago today. Around 1:30 there was a BANG BANG on my door and I was handed this

I LOVE the invoice too!!! Again just like the Website it shows you the regular price, the cost of the Coupon and the price you pay!! LOVE THAT!!!! The Invoice was So easy to read! Nothing was cluttered! ok so lets look at what I got and how much I paid!!! I have NO shame!!!

I got Aussie Cleanse & Mend Shampoo and Conditioner for $2.18 each! That is after the $1.00 off coupon!
I got Clorox Tough Stain Remover Toilet Bowl Cleaner for 1.44! That is after the $.50 off coupon!
I got Bic Sensitive Disposable Razors for $.99! That is after the $2.00 off coupon!
I got 2 Difference sizes of Ziploc Freezer Bags for $1.42 each! That is after the $.45 off coupon!
I got a package of 14 count Always Pads for $2.72! That is after the $.50 off coupon!!
I got a box of 36 count Kotex Tampons for $4.75! This is after the $.75 off Coupon!!

I spent a total of $18.27 and Saved a total of $6.65 !!!! LOVE THAT!!!!!

Ok So Over All I give
5 out of 5 Nautical Stars

If you have any questions about please feel free to ask! I can not say enough good about this website!!!!!

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  1. ...I am so going to check out this website...sounds too good to be true!!!


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