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Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2009

Well Hell.... LOL.... I have been a bad bad blogger the past few days but I have GOOD reason! But I will start at the beginning and work my way thru it!!!

Our Friend Aimee invited us over to her house for Thanksgiving this year which was fantastic! We have been friends with Aimee as long as we have been together and we actually lived with her twice over the course of our relationship! She has 4 kiddos. ranging from 23-11 and her BF and her grandson who is almost 2. Her small apt was a full house this year! I was in charge of desserts! And I did GOOD!!!

Cream Cheese Dessert Cheese Ball that I paired with Chocolate Teddy Grahams!

Pumpkin Spice Jello Pudding Pie with Home Made Whipped Cream

Cinnamon&Sugar Pie Crust Rollups

Fruit Pizza- Sugar Cookie Dough, Fruit Dip, Kiwi, Mandrin Oranges and Pineapple
They were all AMAZING!!! And everyone at a whole bunch! I managed to come home with most of the pizza cuz everyone went NUTS for the Cheese ball! FINE WITH ME!!!! i have been munching on it!!! LOVE it!! The Pudding Pie was great too! I was leery but the kids all loved it and I left it with them! The Pie Crust Rollups are something my ex-grandmother used to make all the time as a kid! So easy but so yummy and very Holiday-ey to me!!!!!
We got home from Aimee's around 630ish cuz James had to work that night and we each took a small nap. James left work for around 8 and sent me a text that there was already a line around the Comp USA that is right up the road for me and that the Toys R Us a few roads over looked like Woodstock... and I said well Hell.... Time for me to head to Best Buy Then :)!!!
For the FIRST time in my life I was ready to spend the night on the street for something! James wanted a Netbook for Christmas and I was looking for a laptop since the one we had since our other one stopped working was a loaner. I have been doing my research online and pouring over the black Friday websites and decided that the deals at Best Buy were exactly what we wanted! So I packed a bag with snacks, soda, 2 magazines, 2 books, 2 puzzle/mind game books, my laptop and some candy. I grabbed my favorite fleece blanket and a lawn chair and went on my way!
Now Mind You, I was planning on being there around 10 or 11 and I left the house at 845. When I got to Best Buy The line was already halfway around the building and the people in the very front were in tents..... TENTS!!!!! Come to find out, those tent people had been sleeping in front of best buy since WEDNESDAY AT 2pm!!! WEDNESDAY!!!!! That's Crazy! So I set myself up about halfway around the building (about person #60) and prepared to wait it out!! I was shitting my pants thinking about it though.
The plan was that at 3 am they were going to be giving out tickets for each door buster item. each store had a minimum number and once they were given out that was it! What if I sat there for 8 hours for nothing? I was stressing just thinking about it but just decided to deal with it when that time came! I was the last person in line for about 10 minutes. Once the lady sat next to me I didn't feel as stressed! lol. It was about 46 degrees outside and I was bundled up well! Jeans, sneakers, long sleeve shirt, THICK hoodie and a jacket with my fleece blanket! I also thought to grab some gloves too and I am DAMN glad I did because it got as low as 42 before it was all over!
I don't have any pictures because I didn't want to waste my blackberry battery! But people went from being inside tents to sitting on the ground in shorts and flip flops! It was crazy! People were playing scrabble and card games. There was one set of Tent People that had a bean bag game set up and were doing a tournament. Footballs and Soccer Balls and even kids on bikes. It was really fun to watch! We were lucky enough to have a port-a-potty right across from location! I only broke down once though! Wasn't HORRID but... still!
I chatted up the guys to my right ahead of me. They were there for a Laptop, a Garmin, a Pioneer Stereo and a Blue Ray Player. The Lady ( we will call her the Farter cuz she kept letting them go but didn't say anything and they were NOT PRETTY!!!!) was there for a TV and the Kids on the other side of The Farter were there for a ITouch and a Laptop. We all chatted and joked and had a good time. 2 of them worked for Universal so it gave us all something to Bullshit over which made time go by much faster! The Farter's son was the one who wanted the TV and kept calling her asking how many people were there for them so she went up in line and asked everyone if they were there for that specific TV she was. Come to find out only 2 people were and she was happy! I was SCARED as hell to ask who was there for laptops but The Farter Went around AGAIN and asked and said that 75% of the people there were there for Laptops. Now mind you, Best Buy had 15 different sales on laptops but I knew damn well that most people were there for the 197.00 HP and the 197.00 Netbook just like me but again... I REFUSED to stay stressing about it! Well, I pulled out my laptop around midnight and started to look at the black Friday websites for contingency plans! I look at the Best Buy flier in line and The Garmin, The Stereo and the TV that my place mates all wanted were available at the door buster price ONLINE and with free shipping or FREE store pickup for the TV! I told both parties and The Farter called her son and I walked him thru the ordering process and he ordered it and got a store confirmation to pick it up later and she LEFT!!!! NO MORE FARTER!!! YAY!!!! lol.
The kids next to me who wanted the garmin and stereo ordered it too! I felt better that at least if they didn't have to wait outside in the cold that someone was getting what they wanted!
Around 130-2am when it was the coldest our saviour arrived in the form of Papa John's! they had a Farf wagon where they were selling hot cocoa, pizza, coffee, water and danishes!! 2 bucks each item but I will tell you... that hot pizza and boiling hot hot cocoa were the most amazing things I had had in HOURS!!! LOL. We didn't even drink the hot cocoa we just held it because it was so warm and hot!!!!
So around 245 everyone started to get nervous and folks started inching towards the front. Luckily some of the kids behind me were staying there and agreed to watch my bag for me while we all tried to get in line. There were line cutters galore but for the most park besides being a HUGE cluster fuck it went off pretty well! All of us line people stayed together and tried to keep composed. They didn't come outside with the tickets until 330-345. Of course there was a totally bemused skinny as hell shirt cop there who had NO idea what to do! I honestly think that this kid MAY have graduated from 8th grade last year he was so small and when the fights broke out ahead of us he was just lost in the shuffle! One guy got thrown out of line and one lady got pulled out of line. It was kind of funny to watch. ANYWAY! the Best Buy Folks came around with the folders with the Tickets in them,. They were just descriptions with Numbers on them. They would call out what they had and if you were in "line" they would give you one and answer your questions.
I was lucky enough to get BOTH the Compaq Netbook for 223.00 (with an upgrade) and the HP Laptop for 197.00!! I was BEYOND HAPPY!!! Everyone in our little group got what they wanted which made it that much better!!!! The 2 other Universal Kids were going for the Blue Ray Sony Vaio Laptop for 447.00 and a MacBook Pro for 999.00! I was in the 2nd group of people to be let in the store but was lucky enough to be in and out within 20 minutes tops!!!! I was home by 6am and in bed by 7am, plied with Tylenol PM by my Husband and slept till 530pm on Friday afternoon!!! It was a cool experience and I would do it again for the deals that I got! If mother nature would comply with me and make it a BIT warmer next time that would be killer!!! ;)
So As I type I am typing on my new Baby! Her name is Tiana after the new Disney Princess who is African American! It is cheesy but I love the name and since my laptop is new and black I figured it was a good fit!!!!

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