Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glorious Games!!!!

So I said that one of the things I am thankful for are card and board games. Silly I know but I LOVE to play games! I used to camp in the summer with My best friend growing up Chrissy and out at camp mostly we listened to our mixed tapes and played games! I wanted to mention a few of my favorites and hopefully suggest a few to the few readers I have !

Scrabble is my FAVORITE game! We used to play it a lot when I was a kiddo. My Grandmother had ne of those pale blue turntable sets. Real Old School! We had a few travel sets too. James and I have a regualr board set, a travel set with snap in letters and a tiny little set on a carabiener that I got him for his birthday. We even have a mini dictionary we use! He usually wins but I love to play!!!

Uno Attack was one of the purchases I made the first year we stayed at my parents condo in Kissimmee and it was one of those best 15 bucks I have ever spent! THis game is SO MUCH FUN!!!! It has special cards and it is so much fun to see how many cards it is going to spit out at everyone playing!!!! Fun for EVERYONE!!!!

As a kiddo I could NEVER get anyone to play Monopoly with me.... nobody ever wanted to and I was always that loser kid who played by herself and stole from the bank..... wow.... that is sad! ANYWAY James's cousin Dan got me this new Monopoly this past Christmas! It has credit cards!!! LOVE THAT!!!! We played this with the Fam when they visited this past time and although it is a long game it was a blast!

Phase 10 and Skip Bo are games that Chrissy and I used to play for HOURS on END in the screen house! OMG! HOURS!!!! But they are fun games! James and I usually bring these with us when we do laundry! James tends to cheat but ..... he cheats at EVERYTHING *not really.. i just refuse to believe that he is that good at EVERYTHING*

This Game makes for the worlds most amusing drinking game! When you and another person have written down the same word then you drink OR when you leave a spot blank you drink and the moore you drink the moore you screw up! GOOD CLEAN FUN PEOPLE!!!!!

I love playing Life. I always pick to marry a woman! I always make up a fun story about us and our children and I ALWAYS drive a Subaru..... with a I *wool sock* LLBean Bumper Sticker!!!!! :) Thats how I roll!!!!

MY MOST FAVORITE SERIES OF GAMES OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!! You can NOT go wrong with Scene It!!! We have all three listed here! We have had MANY friends over on MANY times to play these games! they tend to run a bit pricier then most board games but in my mind they are SO worth it!!!

And FYI SantaHusband and SantaMommy I would like this one for Christmas or my Birthday!!!!! Thank You!!!!!


  1. I LOVE SCENE IT!! Best "board game" ever - I totally whoop my boyfriend's butt every time. Bwahahaha.

  2. Love this post! Scrabble is absolutely, positively, alltime fave!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week Miss Aurora!

  3. Shannon.... Hubster and I usually Split the butt whoppings.... I wish I could say I always win but I am married to a useless knowledge GENIUS.... he knows the most inaine trivia and usually kills me but we have fun :)
    TPP- Scrabble will always hold a place in my geeky little heart! I DESPERATLY want the pink girly scrabble they sell at ToysRUs but the 3 sets we have now are pletny says the Hubster..... Poo!!! lol

  4. you left off Partini!!! c'mon! you have to admit, that was THE most fun game we've played at the condo yet...




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