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Guest Star Tuesday!

My Friend Chrissy did this and I think it is a FABU idea!!! I have a HUGE blog post to do Wednesday night for Thursday so I think something like this is what the Doctor ordered!

I want to feature 3 of my favorite bloggers!

First up is Chrissy ! She is an AMAZING woman! A Mommy to an adorable little Man and a Wife to a great guy! She is a Disney lover like me and also like me has worked at the parks! I feel like she is my sister from another mister thru the Twittervurse (click to go to her twitter profile)! She is an inspiration to me because she is open and honest about her weight loss! She is holding herself accountable and I find that AMAZING!!!!!! I Adore her and can’t wait to have fun times with her at Disney on her next trip!!!

Second up is Amanda ! Amanda is my most favorite person that I met in Real Life for 2009! She is a Disney Blogger, a Twitter FANATIC and a bad ass!!! I met her once and then got to spend a whole day with her and she is SO MUCH FUN!!!! I am see MANY MANY MANY moore fun trips to Disney in our future and hopefully in the new year I will assist her with her First Podcast!

Third On my list is Zanna ! She is another Killer Disney Lady that I can not wait to meet in person! She is a 2009 Disney Mom's Panel Mom, a twitter FIEND, a Disney Dooney&Bourke lover and has the most ADORABLE family I have ever seen! She has been an inspiration to watch thru her Disney Mom’s Panel Journey and I hope to one day wear that Pink Quilted Jacket with her!!!

PLEASE visit these three ladies! Click each of their names to go to their blog and click the other link for their Twitter account!!!!

Much Love goes to these 3 ladies for keeping me sane and smiling on a daily basis!!! I can not wait for the 4 of us to get together and have fun girly drinks and raise some Disney Hell ;)!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Human Nature!

We interrupt the regular blog program for a very important message from the amazing Brandy. Please read it and think about it. If you feel so inclined, please copy and paste the below post onto your own blog to spread the word and keep the good karma, thoughts and prayers flowing.



My name is brandy. And I have a blog.
And a plea.
I use my blog to showcase the crazy I meet everyday, share the stories of the kids I teach and document my love for tequila, dairy products and the abdominal muscles of Ryan Reynolds. Rarely do I talk about personal issues on my blog- as personal as the dude that I adore (who I actually met through my blog- single ladies, let that be a very good reason to blog, the possibility of meeting someone as wonderful as my man), but I need your help. And it involves my dude.
He's a guy who made math comics for my class, so they would love learning about addition. He's the kinda guy who sends my friends gift cards when they are having hard times, who remembers every story I ever told him, who was the first person I celebrated with when I got a teaching job. He's the guy who sent flowers to me at school- dozens of my favourite pink roses just because he loves me. He's a guy who has spent a year patiently explaining (and re-explaining) everything there is to know about football during the important games when silence is preferred. He's made me word puzzles and comics and stayed up late playing Scrabble with me (even though I beat him almost every time). He's listened to me cry about school and family and jobs. He is everything I never knew I needed and everything I always knew I wanted.
The holidays have hit us hard. He's recently been told he may have something called multiple myeloma- an incurable cancer, that gives a person an average of five years of continued life. Though this news has came as a shock, he continues to be exactly who has always been- spending his time worrying about me, rather than worrying about himself. He's the most selfless individual I know- (he stayed late on Christmas Eve to work, so his co-workers could leave early) and a post like this would never be something that he would promote or encourage but when I'm overwhelmed and feeling helpless, the blogging community has always given me tremendous support and comfort, two things I desperately need at this time.
As I write this, the future is uncertain and we aren't sure what's happening. He'll need to see an oncologist soon, to verify what's going on in his body. My hope is that everyone who reads this think positive thoughts and if you are a person who prays, could you add him to your list? (You can refer to him as 'brandy's hot awesome dude'). If you don't pray, please keep him in your heart.This cancer is only a possibility and I believe that the prayers and positive thoughts of people can make sure it never becomes a reality.
I want to give a big thank you to the blog owner who scraped their original blog plans and graciously put this up. My goal is to get as many people as possible to see and read this post. If you are reading this and want to help, copy and paste my plea into your blog or send a link through twitter, so more people can keep him in their thoughts. I would be so very grateful (even more grateful than I am to my friend who first showed me the picture of Ryan Reynolds on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. If you haven't seen it, google it. You. Are. Welcome).
I realize this all sounds dramatic, a Lifetime movie in the making- but this is life. Right now. And I'm throwing away any hint of ego and am humbly asking for you to pray or think kind thoughts. If you are able to pass this on, thank you and if you know anything regarding MM- please email me (my email is on my blog). This isn't a call for sympathy or a plea for pity. It's just one girl hoping you can think positive thoughts for the person she adores. If my current heartache provides you with anything, let it be with the reminder that life is short, love is unbending and no one knows what could happen next. Maybe it is silly, but I really do believe that positive thoughts can make a huge difference. Thank you for reading this and if you haven't already? Please tell someone you love them today.
I did.

A Sunday Meme

I got this from Manda's Blog ! Super fun!!!


  • My uncle once: bought me neon yellow Oakley’s for my 13th birthday and I thought I was the COOLEST person of all time!!!

  • Never in my life: did I think I would have to make friends all over again at age 30

  • When I was five: All I wanted was a Cabbage Patch Birthday Party and I got one!

  • High School was: amazing in the aspect of Theatre and Music! Boys-thumbs down

  • I will never forget: my Grandfather!

  • I once met: Big Red from Real World/Road Rules Challenge

  • There’s this girl I know who: is a faith wristing ginger BITCH!

  • Once, at a bar: that I used to underage drink at EVERY SINGLE WEEK, I got thrown out the one night I wasn't even drinking for licking my finger that had some of a Jell-O shot on it!

  • By noon, I’m usually: am thinking about how I HATE my life ……..

  • Last night: I watched Hook, Friday After Next and Just Friends

  • If only I had: a direction in my life

  • Next time I go to church: i have no idea. I don't do Church. I was only last in one when I was in the WORST wedding of all time!

  • What worries me most: is losing my Mom or James

  • When I turn my head left, I see: the open back patio door

  • When I turn my head right, I see: My dining room table and a bunch of crap

  • You know I’m lying when: I fake sneeze or pretend I have a twitch in my eye

  • What I miss most about the eighties: SNorks, Wuzzles, Smurfs, My Little Ponys and Strawberry Shortcake

  • By this time next year: I will HOPEFULLY be in school!

  • A better name for me would be: Needy Nancy

  • I have a hard time understanding: How parents are not involved in their kids lives!

  • If I ever go back to school, I’ll: be studying Theme Park Management

  • You know I like you if: I call you Mom !

  • If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: my Mom

  • Take my advice, never: fuck up your credit!

  • My ideal breakfast is: Turkey Bacon, Hash browns with onions and peppers, scrambled eggs and white toast with Jam and butter!

  • A song I love, but do not own is: That Cinderella Song by Taylor Swift

  • If you visit my hometown, I suggest: that you don't blink your eyes or you will miss it

  • Why won’t people: just let people love who they want to love and marry who they want to marry!

  • If you spend the night at my house: You will sleep on a blow up mattress with the CUTEST bedding of all time!!!

  • I’d stop my wedding for: My Dad not being able to walk me down the isle!

  • The world could do without: hate, intolerance, judgment

  • I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: give certain people a second chance. There are just some things I am WAY too proud to do!

  • Paper clips are more useful than: staples

  • If I do anything well, it’s: cook

  • And by the way: Just Be Yourself! Fuck Them if they cant handle it!!!
  • Friday, December 25, 2009

    Disney Wishes for Christmas

    I am borrowing this post from Mike Scopa's Blog on AllEars.Net . I Think it is very smart and I think that Walt would be impressed!!!!





    Dear Santa,

    Unlike other years I’m writing to you this year for a friend of mine. It’s a very close friend and I know that this friend is too shy to write you a letter so I thought I would write you instead and tell you what I think I would like to wish for my friend.

    My friend is Walt Disney World and as you may know, Walt Disney World has a number of wonderful things for everyone but especially the four theme parks; The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

    I have a wish for each one of these theme parks and I think my wishes would be the same wishes for my friend so please try hard to make my wishes come true.

    For the Magic Kingdom I wish that for 2010 that guests will be treated to a special nighttime party that is not connected to any holiday and that this party runs three nights a week starting in March and running thru Labor Day.

    We can call it “Mickey’s Surprise Party” and the party would have wonderful shows in front of the castle and in tomorrow land.

    There would be special fireworks shown on these party evenings and of course special treats like hot chocolate and cookies.

    Also, there will be special character meets and greets throughout the park.

    But here’s the best part….for every party a guest will purchase a ticket and that ticket will have a tear off attachment that will be entered in a raffle each night and five party guests will be given a one-day golden fast pass good for up to 5 people in their traveling party.

    The number will be picked randomly during the party and announced at the end of the fireworks display. Oh and one more thing….this guest will also be given a one night stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

    I think that would be a wonderful new addition to the Magic Kingdom.

    For EPCOT a wish I have had for so many years is to see the re-opening of the Odyssey Restaurant and for that restaurant to offer the signature entrees from each of the World Showcase Sit-Down Restaurants.

    If the restaurant was able to do that then the guests who have been unable to get Advanced Dining Reservations at their favorite restaurants could still enjoy their favorite entrée.

    This has been a wish of mine for years and we know that there is always room for another sit-down restaurant in EPCOT.

    Disney’s Hollywood Studios has certainly gone through a lot of changes lately.

    My wish for this theme park is to do something long overdue and that is to close down The Great Movie Ride and change a lot of the scenes that are really a bit too old for the younger guests to understand.

    My thoughts are that some of the earlier movie scenes have pretty much seen their day and perhaps it is time to bring into this attraction some movies that are not 40, 50, or even 70 years old.

    That is my wish for the Studios.

    My wish for the Animal Kingdom has also been on my mind for a long time.

    I think that the Animal Kingdom needs a dark ride that takes guests on a journey through Mythology with a special focus on Mythological creatures like the Minotaur, the Unicorn, and other creatures we have found in fantasy.

    If not that then how about a Soarin’ type ride that shows guests what an eagle sees when flying or what a dolphin sees while swimming in the ocean?

    Anyway Santa, those are my thoughts and wishes for my friend. I know granting wishes is a very tough job but if anyone can do it you can.

    What I like about these wishes is that I think Mr. Disney would have liked them too.

    Merry Christmas Santa.

    Merry Christmas!

    Love To You All! I hope the day brings you exactally what you want and you spend it with those that you love!

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    7 years ago tonight

    This picture was taken at Elizabeth's Mother's house! It was our first Christmas! We had only met a little over a month before but we were living together and engaged already! We look the same pretty much.... I dont wear as much eyeliner and James is skinnier but we are just as happy then as we are now! Merry Christmas To you and yours!!!! xxooxxooxxoo

    'New Moon' quiz: How well do you know your vamps?

    'New Moon' quiz: How well do you know your vamps?

    Posted using ShareThis

    'New Moon' quiz: How well do you know your vamps?

    'New Moon' quiz: How well do you know your vamps?

    Posted using ShareThis

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    My FAVORITE Christmas Commercial of all time!

    Totally A Week Behind

    Ya Ya YA I KNOW! This post is about LAST Tuesday when it is THIS Tuesday right now….. whatever…. I am lazy! Deal with it!! All 18 of you !!! LOL! At least I have an even number following me.. because when it was 17 I was a little wonky… ANYWAY

    Tuesday is Date day for Jamison and I! We always try to do something together! Last week we knew we wanted to see all the pretty lights around the local Mile Loop/Pond called Cranes Roost and we knew James needed a haircut. Between all that we wanted Lunch and that was about all we had planned!

    So we went to go get lunch first. We have a new restaurant called Elephant Bar at our mall (not new but newer) and the line is always terrible but we arrived after the busy lunch rush and got seated right away! The Menu had a million things that I wanted on it! Seriously…. a MILLION! All the meats are wok cooked which I LOVE! I decided on the Chinese Chicken Salad and James got the Shrimp Spinach salad. We started with some Sweet Potato Fries and I had an amazing Arnold Palmer! It was the PERFECT 1/2 and 1/2!! Here are some pictures for you!

    It was SO VERY YUMMY!!!! James does not get sea food often due to my allergy and he LOVED his salad and ate the whole thing! Mine was DELISH! I LOVED that there were sheets of wontons under the salad. I am not a huge fan of all those white rice noodles but I ate them regardless! Very Good Food and we will totally go back! Prolly for my birthday in January!!

    We walked around the mall for a little bit. I hate our mall with a passion. It is so boring…. If the Florida Mall was a bit of a hall and BUSY BEYONE BELIEF this time of year I would have MUCH rather head over there but… ick. PLUS they took the Cutting Corral out of our mall so there was no place to get a hair cut for Hubster since he wasn't going to the barber shop this time. Cappy’s is great and all but a bit much unless you get a shave and a hair cut and he had just shaved that morning. So we just needed a Hair Cuttery or something like that. Well In the front of our Michael’s/DSW plaza there is a Hair Cuttery and we went there……. some dude named Dee FUCKED JAMES’S HAIR UP! He looks like a Q-Tip. I told the guy that I wanted it shorter on the top since it grows so fast but styled and he took the clippers and buzzed it all off…… NOT IMPRESSES and once he buzzed the first spot I couldn't stop him….I walked away while he finished butchering his hair and vowed to never go back there again. Back to the Barber shop next month! Oye…..I don't have pictures to post because I feel bad for James……..fuzzy headed Q-Tip…… *sigh*. After that we went to Marshalls and found him a little Kenneth Cole Zip case for his Netbook for 10 bucks! SCORE! Poor Kid has been using the flannel bag that our sheet set came in ;)! We then went to Toys R Us because I am totally a Toys R Us Kid :) We found a bunch of games and Lego sets that we wanted but didn't get.. poo! I found a cute Zebra for Daddums for Christmas that I know he doesn't have! He collects Zebras and since my mom spoils him rotten I always end up never finding him fun ones but I KNOW he does not have this one! HA!

    By the time we left Toys R Us it was dark and we walked over to Cranes Roost. On Tuesday Nights they have a little fair set up with food booths and a Fountain Light Snow and Santa is there for the littles to get their pictures taken with! It was really cute! We decided to walk the loop around the pond because it was a nice night outside. We talked and held hands and looked at the lights and just enjoyed the time together! Times like these makes me love him moore then anything else in the world!

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Things I Hate/Don’t Get Part 3

    Family Guy/American Dad-Hate

    family guy Pictures, Images and Photos
    american dad Pictures, Images and Photos
    These two shows are the worse shows I have ever seen. I have seen a few episodes of each and have given each show a few chances but I just cant get into it. Funny moments yes but for the love of god…. not that amazing people! I guess I am just a King of the Hill type of girl……The Humor of each show just does nothing for me. I have laughed at both shows but I dont choose to want to watch them on a regular basis…. I think both shows are ugly. I dont know what other word to use besides ugly.


    wrestling Pictures, Images and Photos
    I have a confession to make…I used to LOVE wrestling. I used to be a bit obsessed. I even planned my days around when it was on TV…..BUT I had a few good reasons and both had to do with Boys…..I liked to look at the boys and the boys I worked with all liked it and I though they would like me moore if I liked what they liked…. Jesus H… its like 3rd grade all over again when I only played the Saxophone because I wanted Timmy Higginson to like me… (he did for 5 minutes) I was ALL About Rey Mysterio Jr and The Hardy Boys and Chris Jericho. Honestly… I LOVED that crap. NOW… on a Friday night when I am channel flipping and I see it I am amused. I understand that it is the Male Soap Opera and all but good lord is it LAME!I understand that it is a bonding thing for the guys to take their kids to. I went with both my Dad and Grandfathers a few times to Worchester Centrum back in the 80’s to see some events. I had my own Hulkamania teddy Bear but this crap they do now a days is bullshit! lol. The Characters are so overly staged and fake that it is laughable. They are mean and a BAD example for kids. Although I did see one Christian Wrestler… I don’t know. I just don't get it as an adult.

    Tweety Bird-Hate

    tweety bird Pictures, Images and Photos
    I can think of NOTHING More Trashy then Tweety Bird. Honestly…. The Steering Wheels Covers, The Seat Covers, The Mud Flaps, The T-shirts, the Hats',… the Mini Backpacks….When I think of White Trash ( NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE ) I see a 13 year old girl with a Kool-Aid moustache in dirty flip-flops and stained jean shorts wearing a tweety bird t-shirt…..chewing a WAD of Grape Bubble Yum…. (vomit). I am in NO WAY calling anyone White trash or trash for liking tweety Bird… it is just my thing….. *shudders*

    Camo for non Military People-oye

    Camo Pictures, Images and Photos
    I am from a VERY HEAVY Military family but I wasn't an army brat or anything. I just have a lot of relatives and friends in the military. The most present one is my BFF Liz’s asscrack of a Husband who is in the Army Reserves in NH and is going on an 18 month tour back to Iraq in March. To me there is something about someone non military who wears camo that is so icky that it makes my skin crawl. My Mom feels the same way. It is almost disrespectful to them. Not like Hunting Camo (ick) but actual Military Camo. Target sells camo cargo shorts and I REFUSE to get James a pair. I don't know why I feel this way but I do.. And Chicks in Pink or Baby Blue Camo… gross.

    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Great Great GREAT Book Giveaway!!!

    Charlaine Harris Pictures, Images and Photos

    (Charlaine Harris is so cute! LOVE that she is drinking Tru Blood!)

    So Over on Todd's Blog he is doing a Great Sookie Stackhouse Giveaway!

    image via Todd's blog

    The First 8 books in the GREAT Charlaine Harris Series! The Series that is based on True Blood on HBO which thanks to Netflix I am now addicted too!!! So Head over to his blog and use one of the 4 ways to win or all 4 ways to Win! Let him know I sent ya!!!! Good Luck! Let me know if you do enter!!!!


    Things I hate Part 2

    Knock Off Vera Bradley-Don't Get/Don't Like

    I am a Vera Bradley Fan to NO end... now mind you I think a LOT of their patterns are Grandma ish but I assure you that None of the patterns I carry are Grandma ish (except my knitting bag in Hope Toile) Let me show you what I have for patterns and then we will talk about knock off Flea Market ones.

    Vera Bradley Hope Toile Betsey, Zip ID Holder and Small Backpack- This was my first Vera and I use it as my knitting bag now. I LOVE the pattern but can admit that it is very grandma ish! But it was a present and I love it! I even have a matching Zip ID holder! WHile working at Universal I aquired a Small Backpack that I still use soometimes for theme parks! It is perfect for a day in teh parks if I need to bring a bag!


    Vera Bradley Pink Elephant Tie Tote, Lola, Tie Side Medium Make Up Bag, Mini Mint Tin and Luggage Tag ID Holder- This was my second pattern! I LOVE this pattern! I wish they hadnt ever retired it because I would have 400 bags in this pattern if I could! It is such a cute pattern and it was one of the Breast cancer Prints and i LOVE that!!! Unfortinatly they retired the bag and I only have 4 pieces of it... *le sigh* My mom even loves this pattern! I got her a small makeup bag for Mother's Day!

    Vera Bradley Daisy Daisy Tote and Zip ID Holder- I use this bag all the time. It is my go to bag. I got it as a present last year for my Birthday and it is the perfect size and length for me! It even Fits my laptop perfectly.....I really adore this bag... even if it was give to me by assholes :)

    Raspberry Fizz Baby Bag- I LOVE THIS BAG! I got it for 20% of the normal price and I use it as my over night/weekend/trip bag! It is the perfect size for clothes and such! It has pockets all over and inside! I LOVE this bag! I wish I had another bag just like it! This is the only piece I have in this pattern but I love it!

    This is my favorite and most new piece! This is the Blue Rhapsody All In One Wristlet! I LOVE this thing! This is my theme park favorite! It fits my blackberry and all my cards/ids/room keys/cash whatever!! and if I dont want to carry it I can put it in my pocket! And I love the colors! If they had made it in Raspberry Fizz I totally woudl have gotten 2 of them!

    I have a bunch of other random patterns of small things. nothing super groovy. Just pieces I hae aquired over time! (universal lost and found) I love that you can throw them in the wash and clean them! With my hyperhydrosis I tend to have a hard time with purses/wristlets/handbags but these I can just throw in the wash when it gets grungy! My Poor Dooney has tan straps and they are SO grimy :( Boo.

    NOW.. FAKE Vera... oye vey

    GOOD LORD that crap is UGLY! Everytime I go to the flea market that is all I see.... GIRAFFES??? REALLY??? Scotty Dogs?? Sure if you are 5 or 6 and they are on your sweater but honestly..... ICK! I just dont understand. I understand the Fendi bag from Time Square. I get the Fake Oakleys out of a briefcase too! But these are just a travesty!!!! *oye vey*

    So Happy that

    I MOVED out of New Hampshire 3 years ago!!!! Right now they are seeing

    (this is my parent's front yard)

    THAT and a whole lot moore! NO THANK YOU!!!!!!

    THIS is what I get to see most days

    Now While I dont see the beach every day I DO get to see blue skies and puffy silly clouds!!! The only thing I get to shovel is sand when I make it to the beach! My NH friends always ask me how I can deal without the seasons and I tell them that NH does NOTHING for me! Some of the most important people in my life live in NH but the state on a whole does NADA for me. 21 years of living there did nothing for me. We vacationed so much in Florida that when I moved down here in 1998 it was just a natural move. I am so much happier in the sunshine and blue skies. I was VERY unhappy in the snow. Trapped and grumpy. That is NOT healthy for me. Now whil ethe past year hasnt been that fantastic for me if I was still in NH it would have been 500% worse! I miss Mom and Dad and Tuck and Pop and Grandma and Elizabeth and Courtney and a mass of high school people I have reconnected with thanks to facebook but honestly... I would wrather be in Florida with no friends with no snow then be in NH with 700 friends.

    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    Gag Me With A Spoon!!

    This was passed along to me thing morning via Twitter from Craig's List and I didn't know weather to vomit or laugh!! It is Funny and Disgusting at the same time! Really though,… in the grand scheme I might do the same thing to get out of seeing my mother in-law….. James knows….I’m not a fan…BUT to post it on Craig’s List????

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wanted: Someone to help me get sick.... - $20 (Orlando)

    Date: 2009-12-18, 6:17PM EST
    Reply to:

    I'm dreading going to my In-laws for Christmas this year. I can't stand them at all and my wife can only take so much of them. But she wants to see them and if she doesn't go she won't hear the end of it, which means neither will I. Soo what I'm looking for is someone that is sick, like a cold or the regular flu, not really looking for the swine flu(H1N1)......umm well actually I think I would rather endure the swine flu than my yea the swine flu will work too. So I wont have to go to their house this Christmas if i'm really sick. So if you are sick and would like to help me out and give me one of the greatest presents, not seeing my inlaws and my wife not getting pissed at me, then please email me. We can meet up and go get some lunch or dinner, my treat somewhere nice and you can cough and sneeze around me some. Maybe we can drink after each other or share a dessert, stuff like that. Get me nice and sick. I'm 100% serious and looking to do this asap, just incase I need a few meetings to get sick. So email me if you can help me out. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

    • Location: Orlando
    • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    A Christmas Survey!

    While I was Surfing Blogs this week I cam across this blog on Shannon's Blog and I figured that I would give it a whirl!!!


    1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? I  LOVE to wrap presents! I am obsessed with it! I even wrap James’s stocking stuffers!!! lol

    2. Real tree or Artificial? REAL! I REFUSE to ever have a fake tree. This year we aren't doing a tree at all but that's ok!

    3. When do you put up the tree?
    Usually we put it up the week after Thanksgiving but it being just the two of us we don't have a time line normally….

    4. When do you take the tree down? around my Birthday! January22nd LOL…

    5. Do you like eggnog? I enjoy it but never drink a whole lot. This year we have tried a few flavored ones that I really enjoyed. Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon and then Plain. I LOVED the Sugar Cookie one the most!

    6. Favorite gift received as a child? My 1st Cabbage Patch Kid Nora. She went EVERYWHERE with me! We had a ton of matching outfits over the years! Even when my mom got married to my dad she had a matching Maid Of Honor Dress just like mine!

    7. Hardest person to buy for? My Brother Cade….. captain picky pants! and I hate to do the gift card thing too……

    8. Easiest person to buy for? James is easy peasy! Just takes time to narrow down what to exactly get him!

    9. Do you have a nativity scene? I bought my first one last year at Kirklands. I am NOT a religious person at all but I LOVED this set so much that I had to have it and I got it for a steal!

    10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Normally Snail Mail cards but again this year I protested Christmas Cards… just wasn't feeling it!

    11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I received a picture of a jewelry box that I was suppose to get a few months later that I never got…..

    12. Favorite Christmas Movie? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! OR Elf………

    13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? This year it was ALL about Black Friday. Normally I try to start in December and pick things up here and there!

    14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
    not since I was in High School

    15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
    Chocolate and peppermint! You cant get the array of things you can year round as you can when the holidays are here!!!!!

    16. Lights on the tree? Defiantly! What is the point of a tree if you don't have lights?!


    17. Favorite Christmas song(s)? Sleigh Ride by Relient K or Carol Of The Bells!

    18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
    We traveled to Disney every year when I was a kid but as long as I have James with me I don't really care where we are. This year we will be at home but who knows next year!

    19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen! Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen but do you recall the most FAMOUS reindeer of all?? ROULDOULPH!!!

    20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Star

    21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? One Christmas Eve (always Christmas Jammies)

    22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? The fact that the stores start to shove the holiday down your throat in September!

    23. Favorite ornament, theme, or color? Next year I want to do 2 trees! One with all our ornaments on it and one in a Nautical Theme!!!

    24. Favorite for Christmas Dinner? Turkey and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL that goes with it!!!!

    25. What do you want to do for Christmas this year? Play Games and Stuff my face with my Husband!! And shut out the outside world!

    26. Favorite Christmas tradition growing up? Seeing the Reindeer footprints in the snow in the backyard with all the butts of the carrots :) STILL never figured out how they did that!

    27. Favorite tradition now? Jammies with James!!!

    28. Favorite Christmas Memory? The last year we had HUGE Family Christmas at the House. Right after Travis(cousin) was born. When we all got along and the family drama wasn't as prevalent as it became after that! Everyone being there and having a good time!




    ~If you take this then PLEASE let me know so I can come snoop on your blog and see your answers!!~

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    What I don't Like or don't get- Part 1

    I am an opinionated woman.... some say over opinionated.....I say just very ASSURE or what I like and don't like :)and since this is MY Blog I wanted to make a list to let you know! I don't hate you for liking what I don't like! Its OK!!!! It's what makes the world go round!!

    Lily Pulitzer- Don't Like and Don't Get

    Ick..... I know that Lily is ALL THE RAGE with the Preppy folks and to be honest I consider myself a bit of a Prep :) I Grew up PRETTY preppy overall... Polo and The Gap and The Limited. Plaid and Scotty Dogs! Mary Janes and Headbands with bows! Little Socks with Pom Poms on them :) But this whole Lily thing confuses me. I think it is over priced and if I may say some of the patterns are TACKY and can make someone look as big as a house.. their main dress style is a shift....which is in the grand scheme a MuMu.... I LOVE their bright colors but all mushed together... and the flowers.... and the animals..... Just not my thing!
    Dark Chocolate-Don't Like
    Dark Chocolate Pictures, Images and Photos
    I am SUCH a Milk Chocolate person! I can not STAND Dark Chocolate! I know that as a woman it is better for me and all but nasty! The only dark chocolate I will eat is a peppermint patty......I am not a huge chocolate person to begin with in the grand scheme but I will totally pass up dark chocolate it if was a choice between dark or none!

    Monty Python- Don't Get

    MONTH PYTHON and the HOLY GRAIL Pictures, Images and Photos
    I NEVER got Monty Python..... never ever ever. A group of friends I had in High School from the next town over were obsessed and always quoted it but I never understood it......I have tried as I got older to watch it but really.... still does nothing for me. I giggle but I dont laugh and cry like others....*shrugs*
    quiznos Pictures, Images and Photos
    NASTY!!!!! I have eaten there one time. I watched them make our subs and I decided that that was going to be the first and last time we EVER ate there!!! They take your meat, drop it into a cup of boiling water to cook it and slap it on the bread! It was SO NASTY!!!! The Bread was old and stale tasting.... the chili and cornbread was ok but other then that! NO THANK YOU!!!!
    Dominos Pizza-HATE
    Dominos Pizza Pictures, Images and Photos
    When I worked at the Ice Rink we served Dominos Pizza at the snack bar and for all the birthday parties. I have eaten my weight in Dominos pizza. Every day for almost 3 years I ate a slice of that nasty crap. I can still slightly taste their sweet sauce and crusty cheese as I type this and it makes my stomache cramp up.....I will NEVER eat Dominos again. I dont think my body is capeable of digesting it... lol
    Grape Soda-HATE
    grape soda Pictures, Images and Photos
    I like most children of the 80's was forced to drink COPIOUS amounts of Dimetapp

    when I had the smallest cough or sneeze. Grape Flavored Medecine has killed me for LIFE for anything else Grape Flavored. I wont even drink Grape Juice. I REFUSE to east any grape candy or even worse GRAPE GUM! I can smell Grape flavor from MILES away!!! I just cant tolerate the smell... it makes my insides start to turn and I am rushed back to being 5 years old and having to take a huge gulp after coming in from Skiing! James had a Grape Flavored drink one night at work and I could still smell it on him 10 hours later and made him mouthwash 20000 times before I would let him kiss me! I can smell a teenager chomping on grape gum all the way across a theme park or a mall!!!! I just can NOT stand the smell!!! *shudders*

    Cheese Nips -HATE