Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Magic that is The Magic Eraser

Can I even tell you how in love I am with The Magic Eraser? Not only does it get rid of marks on the walls from fingers and bike tires but it cleans the bottoms of my pots!!! A few weeks ago I made coconut Jasmine rice to go with chicken curry *amazing* and I totally burnt the rice on the bottom. My only Big Pot was TRASHED! I scrubbed and soaked and boiles soapy water in the bottom to no avail. I figured that I would just have to deal with it. Well.... today I decided to try the magic eraser on it to see what it would do!!!

Before :


SERIOUSLY people.. that was with minimal elbow grease! I am so impressed! And truth be told.... it wasn't even the REAL Magic Eraser... it was the Wal-Mart Knock off!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA I LOVE IT!!!!!
Lame Post I know but damnit..... I am EXCITED!!!!


  1. Lame post? What-EVER! I am going out tomorrow to buy like a dozen Magic Erasers!!!

  2. Do you love it moore than your husband

  3. ...not a lame post...promise...I love the magic erasers!!! They rock and you rock!!!

  4. Mikaila- Get them!!!! You will LOVE THEM!!!! My white banister used to be black with hand icky and now it is GLEAMING!!!
    Dizny1- I am glad someone is with me!!!!!
    Anonymous-I don't love anything as much as I love my Husband you big snooper!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet sweet comment. I know it has been a tough year for so many. And I know many people are worse off, but it always makes me wonder why? What did they do to be in the situation they are in? And when you are given lemons, HOW can you make lemonade? And it is amazing how having a couple of people in your life can make those lemons easier to swallow. Finally, I love that you bring reusable bags! They are so much more efficient than those plastic crappy ones! :) If I ever come to Orlando, we will hook up!

    BTW: that is one miraculous cleaner!


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