Monday, December 14, 2009

What I don't Like or don't get- Part 1

I am an opinionated woman.... some say over opinionated.....I say just very ASSURE or what I like and don't like :)and since this is MY Blog I wanted to make a list to let you know! I don't hate you for liking what I don't like! Its OK!!!! It's what makes the world go round!!

Lily Pulitzer- Don't Like and Don't Get

Ick..... I know that Lily is ALL THE RAGE with the Preppy folks and to be honest I consider myself a bit of a Prep :) I Grew up PRETTY preppy overall... Polo and The Gap and The Limited. Plaid and Scotty Dogs! Mary Janes and Headbands with bows! Little Socks with Pom Poms on them :) But this whole Lily thing confuses me. I think it is over priced and if I may say some of the patterns are TACKY and can make someone look as big as a house.. their main dress style is a shift....which is in the grand scheme a MuMu.... I LOVE their bright colors but all mushed together... and the flowers.... and the animals..... Just not my thing!
Dark Chocolate-Don't Like
Dark Chocolate Pictures, Images and Photos
I am SUCH a Milk Chocolate person! I can not STAND Dark Chocolate! I know that as a woman it is better for me and all but nasty! The only dark chocolate I will eat is a peppermint patty......I am not a huge chocolate person to begin with in the grand scheme but I will totally pass up dark chocolate it if was a choice between dark or none!

Monty Python- Don't Get

MONTH PYTHON and the HOLY GRAIL Pictures, Images and Photos
I NEVER got Monty Python..... never ever ever. A group of friends I had in High School from the next town over were obsessed and always quoted it but I never understood it......I have tried as I got older to watch it but really.... still does nothing for me. I giggle but I dont laugh and cry like others....*shrugs*
quiznos Pictures, Images and Photos
NASTY!!!!! I have eaten there one time. I watched them make our subs and I decided that that was going to be the first and last time we EVER ate there!!! They take your meat, drop it into a cup of boiling water to cook it and slap it on the bread! It was SO NASTY!!!! The Bread was old and stale tasting.... the chili and cornbread was ok but other then that! NO THANK YOU!!!!
Dominos Pizza-HATE
Dominos Pizza Pictures, Images and Photos
When I worked at the Ice Rink we served Dominos Pizza at the snack bar and for all the birthday parties. I have eaten my weight in Dominos pizza. Every day for almost 3 years I ate a slice of that nasty crap. I can still slightly taste their sweet sauce and crusty cheese as I type this and it makes my stomache cramp up.....I will NEVER eat Dominos again. I dont think my body is capeable of digesting it... lol
Grape Soda-HATE
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I like most children of the 80's was forced to drink COPIOUS amounts of Dimetapp

when I had the smallest cough or sneeze. Grape Flavored Medecine has killed me for LIFE for anything else Grape Flavored. I wont even drink Grape Juice. I REFUSE to east any grape candy or even worse GRAPE GUM! I can smell Grape flavor from MILES away!!! I just cant tolerate the smell... it makes my insides start to turn and I am rushed back to being 5 years old and having to take a huge gulp after coming in from Skiing! James had a Grape Flavored drink one night at work and I could still smell it on him 10 hours later and made him mouthwash 20000 times before I would let him kiss me! I can smell a teenager chomping on grape gum all the way across a theme park or a mall!!!! I just can NOT stand the smell!!! *shudders*

Cheese Nips -HATE


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  1. You are completely right in your bastardized chez comment I fullheartedly agree with your opinions I love you


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