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Disney Wishes for Christmas

I am borrowing this post from Mike Scopa's Blog on AllEars.Net . I Think it is very smart and I think that Walt would be impressed!!!!





Dear Santa,

Unlike other years I’m writing to you this year for a friend of mine. It’s a very close friend and I know that this friend is too shy to write you a letter so I thought I would write you instead and tell you what I think I would like to wish for my friend.

My friend is Walt Disney World and as you may know, Walt Disney World has a number of wonderful things for everyone but especially the four theme parks; The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

I have a wish for each one of these theme parks and I think my wishes would be the same wishes for my friend so please try hard to make my wishes come true.

For the Magic Kingdom I wish that for 2010 that guests will be treated to a special nighttime party that is not connected to any holiday and that this party runs three nights a week starting in March and running thru Labor Day.

We can call it “Mickey’s Surprise Party” and the party would have wonderful shows in front of the castle and in tomorrow land.

There would be special fireworks shown on these party evenings and of course special treats like hot chocolate and cookies.

Also, there will be special character meets and greets throughout the park.

But here’s the best part….for every party a guest will purchase a ticket and that ticket will have a tear off attachment that will be entered in a raffle each night and five party guests will be given a one-day golden fast pass good for up to 5 people in their traveling party.

The number will be picked randomly during the party and announced at the end of the fireworks display. Oh and one more thing….this guest will also be given a one night stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

I think that would be a wonderful new addition to the Magic Kingdom.

For EPCOT a wish I have had for so many years is to see the re-opening of the Odyssey Restaurant and for that restaurant to offer the signature entrees from each of the World Showcase Sit-Down Restaurants.

If the restaurant was able to do that then the guests who have been unable to get Advanced Dining Reservations at their favorite restaurants could still enjoy their favorite entrée.

This has been a wish of mine for years and we know that there is always room for another sit-down restaurant in EPCOT.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has certainly gone through a lot of changes lately.

My wish for this theme park is to do something long overdue and that is to close down The Great Movie Ride and change a lot of the scenes that are really a bit too old for the younger guests to understand.

My thoughts are that some of the earlier movie scenes have pretty much seen their day and perhaps it is time to bring into this attraction some movies that are not 40, 50, or even 70 years old.

That is my wish for the Studios.

My wish for the Animal Kingdom has also been on my mind for a long time.

I think that the Animal Kingdom needs a dark ride that takes guests on a journey through Mythology with a special focus on Mythological creatures like the Minotaur, the Unicorn, and other creatures we have found in fantasy.

If not that then how about a Soarin’ type ride that shows guests what an eagle sees when flying or what a dolphin sees while swimming in the ocean?

Anyway Santa, those are my thoughts and wishes for my friend. I know granting wishes is a very tough job but if anyone can do it you can.

What I like about these wishes is that I think Mr. Disney would have liked them too.

Merry Christmas Santa.

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