Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guest Star Tuesday!

My Friend Chrissy did this and I think it is a FABU idea!!! I have a HUGE blog post to do Wednesday night for Thursday so I think something like this is what the Doctor ordered!

I want to feature 3 of my favorite bloggers!

First up is Chrissy ! She is an AMAZING woman! A Mommy to an adorable little Man and a Wife to a great guy! She is a Disney lover like me and also like me has worked at the parks! I feel like she is my sister from another mister thru the Twittervurse (click to go to her twitter profile)! She is an inspiration to me because she is open and honest about her weight loss! She is holding herself accountable and I find that AMAZING!!!!!! I Adore her and can’t wait to have fun times with her at Disney on her next trip!!!

Second up is Amanda ! Amanda is my most favorite person that I met in Real Life for 2009! She is a Disney Blogger, a Twitter FANATIC and a bad ass!!! I met her once and then got to spend a whole day with her and she is SO MUCH FUN!!!! I am see MANY MANY MANY moore fun trips to Disney in our future and hopefully in the new year I will assist her with her First Podcast!

Third On my list is Zanna ! She is another Killer Disney Lady that I can not wait to meet in person! She is a 2009 Disney Mom's Panel Mom, a twitter FIEND, a Disney Dooney&Bourke lover and has the most ADORABLE family I have ever seen! She has been an inspiration to watch thru her Disney Mom’s Panel Journey and I hope to one day wear that Pink Quilted Jacket with her!!!

PLEASE visit these three ladies! Click each of their names to go to their blog and click the other link for their Twitter account!!!!

Much Love goes to these 3 ladies for keeping me sane and smiling on a daily basis!!! I can not wait for the 4 of us to get together and have fun girly drinks and raise some Disney Hell ;)!!!

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