Saturday, December 5, 2009

Verbal Vomit

I have a jumble of things to say!!
Harry Potter:

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Yes! I am a Harry Potter Fan! I refused for a long time to read the books due to an ex boyfriend situation but I read one and I got HOOKED!!!!! I went at Midnight when both Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows were released. I went to Wal-Mart and waited maybe 10 minutes both time. I didn't ever do the Big Borders type parties! I LOVE the books and I adore the movies! This Tuesday The DVD for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out!!

James knows that I want the 3 disc set as SOON as it comes out! We went with my family last summer to see it at the movies! We renamed it Harry Potter and The School of Sexual Tension because poor Harry kept getting Cock Blocked the whole movie and everyone was all kissy and makeouttey ;) I Love it anyway!!! And today there was a teaser trailer put up online of Deathly Hallows which comes out November 2010 and July 2011!!! SUCH a long time but I will make it!!! LOL. I will have Twilight and New Moon to keep me at bay! And I will prolly re read all the books for the 600th time :) I am a geek and I have NO PROBLEM with it!!
Something about these two little Gingers makes my heart go pitter patt! I am NOT a fan of Red Heads usually but these two are adorable!!!

MEOW!!! Yes Please and then 5 moore times after that ;) lol

Tim "FootBall Jesus" Tebow

My Little Seminoles Fan Heart Leapt with Joy tonight when the Gators went down in a blaze of Glory against Alabama! What a GLORIOUS Saturday for us 'Noles Fans! Tim Tebow is one of the LAMEST people I have ever seen speak... I am not saying that the kid isn't good with a football because any football fan will agree with me when I say he has talent! No Doubt but the ass sucking that all the commentators do all the time is old and busted! And I am SO HAPPY that They got a picture of THIS!!

That's Right Junior.... CRY CRY CRY!!!!! You may think I am mean but in the Moore house we bleed Garnet and Gold and TT Crying is like an early Christmas Gift! Tim "TearDrop" Tebow crying because he LOST makes it all the moore joyous ;)

I have learned a WHOLE lot about Friendship this year. I have lost almost all of my friends this year. The last one being one that I never thought would happen. But sometimes you have to just let them go. You cant keep putting yourself out there to keep getting passed over and hurt time after time after time! It kills you inside! I am sick of reaching out and getting nothing back. I have been passed over moore times in the past year then my entire life! It hurts! I never thought that I would have to start all over making friends at age 31! Really I didn't! But I am DETERMINED for 2010 to be the year of Aurora and not look back at the What Happends :)


A Few Weeks ago I blogged that James and I went to Target and got all 4 Batman movies for 10 bucks in a collection!! Well I watched them all in order tonight after the FootBall game! Batman is TOTALLY my favorite Superhero! He has the BEST toys! He wasn't born with any super power... he created who he is and makes the best of it and I Love Him! I still think that Michael Keaton was the best Batman. I Love all the other guys who have played Batman but the Original is my Favorite!!!!

Christmas Spirit/Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

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I am NOT in the spirit this year. I think it has a lot to do with being unemployed and the friend situation. I don't want to decorate and I have NO desire to send out cards (which is a first for me) I don't even want a tree..... that's how down I am! I love the tree part! It is my favorite! I also wonder if it has to do with already giving James his big present(netbook) and getting my big present (the laptop) and knowing that Christmas is pretty much done and over for us. I just have no enthusiasm....Mom was talking about maybe doing Christmas down here next year... that would be so wonderful because there is NO way we can travel up there with James working retail..... Wal-Mart will NOT give time off around Christmas. For shit sake... they wouldn't give him his friggin birthday off!!!! No way would I press it and ask for Christmas off. Unless I am Preggo by then... *cross everything*!!! I just have no drive or desire for anything lately. I hate this feeling but with no bites back on any jobs I don't know what to do. Christmas just isn't doing it for me this year.

As for the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays thing.... I read on a blog that I don't follow something to the lines of this " I go to a Christian University and we arent afraid to say MERRY CHRISTMAS not HAPPY HOLIDAYS" and that REALLLLLLLLY set me off! I am in no way shape or FORM religious. I think organized religion is for the birds! Why do I go to a specific building to listen to some random guy tell me HOW I am suppose to believe in something and to listen to him because HE SAYS he is a CHOSEN ONE... I just don't fall for it! I want proof! Not you telling me you read something on gold plates that only you can read OR that Aliens are in your body and you need to electrocute them out..... what a bunch of crap! I don't knock anyone for believing in anything (although I have been known to honk and clap and yell when I see Mormon missionaries because I love them and the whole idea of them.... :) ) just don't think you can change me by debating it or being so stuck up (KIRK CAMERON and THE DUGGARS COME TO MIND) that you act like you are better then everyone else. Happy Holidays is a respectful way to include EVERYONE in your thoughts! Not just those who believe in exactly what you do. Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Ramadan and Christmas. How "Christian" is it of you to proclaim that you only want to let those who celebrate exactly how you do a Merry Christmas? That is REALLY lame in my eyes...... If I lose followers because of this then so be it but I am damn sure in my stance of Happy Holidays is for EVERYONE and Merry Christmas is just for some. I say both but I am aware that not everyone may celebrate what I do or how I do and I respect that!!!! I have both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Cards! I used to always buy a package of Hanukkah cards too when I worked at the rink! If I wasn't sure of what a family or co-worker celebrated then I went with Holidays! TOLERANCE PEOPLE!!!!!

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