Sunday, December 20, 2009

So Happy that

I MOVED out of New Hampshire 3 years ago!!!! Right now they are seeing

(this is my parent's front yard)

THAT and a whole lot moore! NO THANK YOU!!!!!!

THIS is what I get to see most days

Now While I dont see the beach every day I DO get to see blue skies and puffy silly clouds!!! The only thing I get to shovel is sand when I make it to the beach! My NH friends always ask me how I can deal without the seasons and I tell them that NH does NOTHING for me! Some of the most important people in my life live in NH but the state on a whole does NADA for me. 21 years of living there did nothing for me. We vacationed so much in Florida that when I moved down here in 1998 it was just a natural move. I am so much happier in the sunshine and blue skies. I was VERY unhappy in the snow. Trapped and grumpy. That is NOT healthy for me. Now whil ethe past year hasnt been that fantastic for me if I was still in NH it would have been 500% worse! I miss Mom and Dad and Tuck and Pop and Grandma and Elizabeth and Courtney and a mass of high school people I have reconnected with thanks to facebook but honestly... I would wrather be in Florida with no friends with no snow then be in NH with 700 friends.

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