Monday, December 21, 2009

Things I Hate/Don’t Get Part 3

Family Guy/American Dad-Hate

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These two shows are the worse shows I have ever seen. I have seen a few episodes of each and have given each show a few chances but I just cant get into it. Funny moments yes but for the love of god…. not that amazing people! I guess I am just a King of the Hill type of girl……The Humor of each show just does nothing for me. I have laughed at both shows but I dont choose to want to watch them on a regular basis…. I think both shows are ugly. I dont know what other word to use besides ugly.


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I have a confession to make…I used to LOVE wrestling. I used to be a bit obsessed. I even planned my days around when it was on TV…..BUT I had a few good reasons and both had to do with Boys…..I liked to look at the boys and the boys I worked with all liked it and I though they would like me moore if I liked what they liked…. Jesus H… its like 3rd grade all over again when I only played the Saxophone because I wanted Timmy Higginson to like me… (he did for 5 minutes) I was ALL About Rey Mysterio Jr and The Hardy Boys and Chris Jericho. Honestly… I LOVED that crap. NOW… on a Friday night when I am channel flipping and I see it I am amused. I understand that it is the Male Soap Opera and all but good lord is it LAME!I understand that it is a bonding thing for the guys to take their kids to. I went with both my Dad and Grandfathers a few times to Worchester Centrum back in the 80’s to see some events. I had my own Hulkamania teddy Bear but this crap they do now a days is bullshit! lol. The Characters are so overly staged and fake that it is laughable. They are mean and a BAD example for kids. Although I did see one Christian Wrestler… I don’t know. I just don't get it as an adult.

Tweety Bird-Hate

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I can think of NOTHING More Trashy then Tweety Bird. Honestly…. The Steering Wheels Covers, The Seat Covers, The Mud Flaps, The T-shirts, the Hats',… the Mini Backpacks….When I think of White Trash ( NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE ) I see a 13 year old girl with a Kool-Aid moustache in dirty flip-flops and stained jean shorts wearing a tweety bird t-shirt…..chewing a WAD of Grape Bubble Yum…. (vomit). I am in NO WAY calling anyone White trash or trash for liking tweety Bird… it is just my thing….. *shudders*

Camo for non Military People-oye

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I am from a VERY HEAVY Military family but I wasn't an army brat or anything. I just have a lot of relatives and friends in the military. The most present one is my BFF Liz’s asscrack of a Husband who is in the Army Reserves in NH and is going on an 18 month tour back to Iraq in March. To me there is something about someone non military who wears camo that is so icky that it makes my skin crawl. My Mom feels the same way. It is almost disrespectful to them. Not like Hunting Camo (ick) but actual Military Camo. Target sells camo cargo shorts and I REFUSE to get James a pair. I don't know why I feel this way but I do.. And Chicks in Pink or Baby Blue Camo… gross.

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  1. LMAO!!!! OMG i HAVE to agree on the Tweety Bird statement there!!!! hahahaha your blogs make me laugh! take care now~!

    XOXO Lynnie~!


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