Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things I hate Part 2

Knock Off Vera Bradley-Don't Get/Don't Like

I am a Vera Bradley Fan to NO end... now mind you I think a LOT of their patterns are Grandma ish but I assure you that None of the patterns I carry are Grandma ish (except my knitting bag in Hope Toile) Let me show you what I have for patterns and then we will talk about knock off Flea Market ones.

Vera Bradley Hope Toile Betsey, Zip ID Holder and Small Backpack- This was my first Vera and I use it as my knitting bag now. I LOVE the pattern but can admit that it is very grandma ish! But it was a present and I love it! I even have a matching Zip ID holder! WHile working at Universal I aquired a Small Backpack that I still use soometimes for theme parks! It is perfect for a day in teh parks if I need to bring a bag!


Vera Bradley Pink Elephant Tie Tote, Lola, Tie Side Medium Make Up Bag, Mini Mint Tin and Luggage Tag ID Holder- This was my second pattern! I LOVE this pattern! I wish they hadnt ever retired it because I would have 400 bags in this pattern if I could! It is such a cute pattern and it was one of the Breast cancer Prints and i LOVE that!!! Unfortinatly they retired the bag and I only have 4 pieces of it... *le sigh* My mom even loves this pattern! I got her a small makeup bag for Mother's Day!

Vera Bradley Daisy Daisy Tote and Zip ID Holder- I use this bag all the time. It is my go to bag. I got it as a present last year for my Birthday and it is the perfect size and length for me! It even Fits my laptop perfectly.....I really adore this bag... even if it was give to me by assholes :)

Raspberry Fizz Baby Bag- I LOVE THIS BAG! I got it for 20% of the normal price and I use it as my over night/weekend/trip bag! It is the perfect size for clothes and such! It has pockets all over and inside! I LOVE this bag! I wish I had another bag just like it! This is the only piece I have in this pattern but I love it!

This is my favorite and most new piece! This is the Blue Rhapsody All In One Wristlet! I LOVE this thing! This is my theme park favorite! It fits my blackberry and all my cards/ids/room keys/cash whatever!! and if I dont want to carry it I can put it in my pocket! And I love the colors! If they had made it in Raspberry Fizz I totally woudl have gotten 2 of them!

I have a bunch of other random patterns of small things. nothing super groovy. Just pieces I hae aquired over time! (universal lost and found) I love that you can throw them in the wash and clean them! With my hyperhydrosis I tend to have a hard time with purses/wristlets/handbags but these I can just throw in the wash when it gets grungy! My Poor Dooney has tan straps and they are SO grimy :( Boo.

NOW.. FAKE Vera... oye vey

GOOD LORD that crap is UGLY! Everytime I go to the flea market that is all I see.... GIRAFFES??? REALLY??? Scotty Dogs?? Sure if you are 5 or 6 and they are on your sweater but honestly..... ICK! I just dont understand. I understand the Fendi bag from Time Square. I get the Fake Oakleys out of a briefcase too! But these are just a travesty!!!! *oye vey*

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