Monday, December 14, 2009

Books Books BOOKS!!!

I LOVE to read... I was always that kiddo who killed all the batteries in the house reading under her covers with a flashlight. I do that now but thankfully I have a flashlight program on my blackberry so I can read in bed and not have to get up and shut the lights off when I am done ;) *lazylazylady*

I LOVE the feel of a new book. I love the smell of new books and old books! A book store is crack to me!! Well once a month or so I pack up a bunch of books I don't want and I head to the Flea Market! There is a lady there who will take the books I have and give me a dollar credit per book. I then pick out what I want from her store and I pay half the cost of the books in store credit and the other in cash! It is AMAZING! She has everything from Kids Books to Erotica to Romance to Comic Books! Now I LOVE to buy books but I REALLY have to restrain myself. The books I like are usually 12.99-15.99... ouchy! I have a Barnes&Noble Card so I get a discount (best 25 bucks I EVER spent) and I have a free borders one too but honestly if I had my way I would spend a few hundred on books a week!! I try to Buy used on a whole lot but books is a really bad addiction! Oye.. I SHUDDER to think what I have spent on books in the past few years! SO this woman at the flea market is a god send!
Today I bought $143.00 worth of books for $23.00 Dollars!!!! OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! My Tastes run a bit strange so I figured I would show what I bought! Now Mind you I have everything on my bookshelf from Twilight and Harry Potter to Erotica and Kevin Smith Autobiographies!!!

I have been wanting to read an Ellora'sCave Book for a while. This particular book may not be my thing but I am willing to give it a try!!!

This is a Signet Eclipse book and they usually really put out good books so I am excited to read this too! The back description makes it sound VERY good!!!

This is a book from the Aphrodesia Line from Kensington Books which is my FAVORITE Line! I own moore Aphrodesia books then I can count! I have a whole shelf that is nothing but Aphrodesia! And after this book I wont have any moore room left on the shelf which means NEW BOOK SHELF!!!!

Another Kensington Book. This is a Brava which was the early Aphrodesia. This one is Paranormal Romance so we will see.... not usually my thing but I LOVE Noelle Mack!

I got 2 of these antologies done by Red Safe Publishing. I am VERY excited to dive into them! There are 4 stories per book!!! LOVE THAT!

Julia London and Sally MacKenzie are new for me but they were suggested! I have a few Christina Skye Books and they are usually Really Fun!!! I was told she won an award for this book too!

Lisa Plumley is a new one as well but KAte Perry I have read before. I love the covers of both of these books!

I have read books by all three of these ladies and have had the pleasure of speaking to 2 of them on twitter! (@ChristieRidgeway @KatieMacAlister) And I own quite a few books from all three!! Very excited for these new ones!!!

BIG HUGE Thanks go out to all these Authors for keeping my habit alive and Well ;)
Alice Gaines, Bonnie Hamre, Ivy Landon, Jeanie LeGendre,Reese Gabriel, Janice Maynard, Dawn Thompson, Noelle Mack, Jeanie Cesarini, Emma Holly, Desiree Lindsey, Betsey Morgan, Susan Paul, Julia London, Sally MacKenzie, Christina Skye, Lisa Plumley, Kate Perry, Christie Ridgeway, Katie MacAlister, Susan Andersen, Donna Kauffman, Nancy Warren, Erin McCarthy, Lucy Monroe, Susanna Carr, MaryJanice Davidson

WHile I realize all these books are romance-ish I do read other things! Promise! I am just in a phase right now where this is what I want to read :)

I do hope that I have bored you to death with my book going alongs!!!!



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