Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Totally A Week Behind

Ya Ya YA I KNOW! This post is about LAST Tuesday when it is THIS Tuesday right now….. whatever…. I am lazy! Deal with it!! All 18 of you !!! LOL! At least I have an even number following me.. because when it was 17 I was a little wonky…..lol ANYWAY

Tuesday is Date day for Jamison and I! We always try to do something together! Last week we knew we wanted to see all the pretty lights around the local Mile Loop/Pond called Cranes Roost and we knew James needed a haircut. Between all that we wanted Lunch and that was about all we had planned!

So we went to go get lunch first. We have a new restaurant called Elephant Bar at our mall (not new but newer) and the line is always terrible but we arrived after the busy lunch rush and got seated right away! The Menu had a million things that I wanted on it! Seriously…. a MILLION! All the meats are wok cooked which I LOVE! I decided on the Chinese Chicken Salad and James got the Shrimp Spinach salad. We started with some Sweet Potato Fries and I had an amazing Arnold Palmer! It was the PERFECT 1/2 and 1/2!! Here are some pictures for you!

It was SO VERY YUMMY!!!! James does not get sea food often due to my allergy and he LOVED his salad and ate the whole thing! Mine was DELISH! I LOVED that there were sheets of wontons under the salad. I am not a huge fan of all those white rice noodles but I ate them regardless! Very Good Food and we will totally go back! Prolly for my birthday in January!!

We walked around the mall for a little bit. I hate our mall with a passion. It is so boring…. If the Florida Mall was a bit of a hall and BUSY BEYONE BELIEF this time of year I would have MUCH rather head over there but… ick. PLUS they took the Cutting Corral out of our mall so there was no place to get a hair cut for Hubster since he wasn't going to the barber shop this time. Cappy’s is great and all but a bit much unless you get a shave and a hair cut and he had just shaved that morning. So we just needed a Hair Cuttery or something like that. Well In the front of our Michael’s/DSW plaza there is a Hair Cuttery and we went there……. some dude named Dee FUCKED JAMES’S HAIR UP! He looks like a Q-Tip. I told the guy that I wanted it shorter on the top since it grows so fast but styled and he took the clippers and buzzed it all off…… NOT IMPRESSES and once he buzzed the first spot I couldn't stop him….I walked away while he finished butchering his hair and vowed to never go back there again. Back to the Barber shop next month! Oye…..I don't have pictures to post because I feel bad for James……..fuzzy headed Q-Tip…… *sigh*. After that we went to Marshalls and found him a little Kenneth Cole Zip case for his Netbook for 10 bucks! SCORE! Poor Kid has been using the flannel bag that our sheet set came in ;)! We then went to Toys R Us because I am totally a Toys R Us Kid :) We found a bunch of games and Lego sets that we wanted but didn't get.. poo! I found a cute Zebra for Daddums for Christmas that I know he doesn't have! He collects Zebras and since my mom spoils him rotten I always end up never finding him fun ones but I KNOW he does not have this one! HA!

By the time we left Toys R Us it was dark and we walked over to Cranes Roost. On Tuesday Nights they have a little fair set up with food booths and a Fountain Light Snow and Santa is there for the littles to get their pictures taken with! It was really cute! We decided to walk the loop around the pond because it was a nice night outside. We talked and held hands and looked at the lights and just enjoyed the time together! Times like these makes me love him moore then anything else in the world!

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