Thursday, December 3, 2009

Age of Aquarius

By Rick Levine
Although you may be overly worried about your performance at work today, you receive enough support from others to be able to move through the uncomfortable shadows of your fears pretty quickly. Don't waste your energy on brooding. Be vigilant and keep shifting your focus from your inner world to external events. This will help you maintain a positive attitude and make the most of your day.

This was my Horoscope on my IGoogle home page today and it fits really well. I have had a shit past 24 hours. Today was supose to be Theme Park Thursday and I was supose to go to Magic Kingdom to watch the Very Merry Christmas Parade Taping but my plans didnt happen like they should and I didnt go. I will be posting moore about this later but it is too fresh and raw in my mind and still hurts too bad. I will leave you with this video of one of my most favorite songs!

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