Monday, December 14, 2009

My New Baby

This is My New Baby… Her name is Tiana after Disney’s newest African American Princess from Princess and The Frog!

She is an HP G60 something :) This is who I waited in line at Best Buy 8 hours for! I love her! She is sleek and fast and everything that I need in a laptop! The only issue I have is that she does not have a built in webcam but that isn't a huge deal. I REALLY enjoy Windows 7 and am still learning about all it’s features. I am using the Windows Live Writer right now and I REALLY like it! I don't have to open up Blogger Dashboard any moore to blog. I can blog via this program! LOVE THAT! So groovy!!! *yes I just said Groovy! lol. I am looking right now for a monogram sticker for her but haven't found any that I like so if anyone has any suggestions then I would appreciate it :)

James is enjoying Bagherra his Compaq Net Book. ( I named him after The Jungle Book but he cant even remember its name… lol)

Anyway… besides the 2 new “children” in the house life has been crap. No Job offers. I had one interview for a company I have never heard of but when I researched the company it had an F rating with the BBB and the reviews of the interview were NOT positive…. I couldn't find anything good about the company. I think it must have been a fly by night marketing scam type place and I didn't go. I have sent out QUITE a few applications this month and have had NO bites back. I think I am going to send in my resume to one of those resume review places to see what is wrong with it……

This is the first post of a few for today. I have been dumping Pics off my blackberry so Sorry to crowd up your Readers :)



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