Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's inside my Makeup Bag??

I wanted to show off my new beautiful Vera that I won from Lauren Nicole Gifts Blog Giveaway !

Pink Elephant Small Tie Make Up Bag! ISNT SHE ADORABLE???!!!!???!!!

I was so excited to win this bag! I have been taking a ziploc baggie with me on the small get aways because I hate carrying my BIG makeup bag with me for only a few days! It is too big!
Big Sister with her new Little Sister! Bff Nicole gave me the big bag for my 30th Birthday and it holds all my makeup and my mirror perfectly but I dont need ALL my makeup for a few days getaway! Well thanks to the AMAZING Lauren Nicole I am SET now!!

I wanted to share with my readers what is in my makeup bag :) No reason, just cuz... why not?
What a Hot mess in there.... lol......I weare Bare Minerals. I SWEAR by Bare Minerals! I have bene wearing them for prolly 6 years now and while I wear differnt kinds of eye shadows and mascaras I will only put Bare Minerals on my face in the way of foundation! I was turned on to it by a friend who got not only me but 3 other friends, my mom, my ex evil ginger roommate, my bff Nicole and my best friend Elizabeth all into it!! It is miracle stuff!!
This is my non every day stuff! 4 Mac eye shadow colors ( Expensive Pink is the only color I remember off the top of my head), a brown pallet that I adore that came from Walgreens, Medium Beige and Tan foundation shades, True all over face color, Mineral Veil, Black Mascara, Black Eyeliner, a Big Buki and a VERY mini Buki, some Liner brushes and a tin of vera mints that matches my bag :)

Here we have Warmth, Tinted Mineral Veil, Regular Mineral Veil, True all over face color, Tan foundation, Medium beige foundation, Medium Tan Foundation, Spice eye color and Sex Panther Eye Color! (It is really only called panther but... lol)

My Brushes!!! All Bare Minerals! Eye Buki, Flawless Face Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Handy Buki, Big Buki, Max Coverage Concealor Brush, Angled Face Brush and a mini Buki!

This is my every day Lip Gloss! Bare Minerals Buxom Lips in Clair! So pretty and Femenine! I want to find a new one that is a bit darker lile a deep rose color for fancy schmancy times! Not that I have many but options are fun!!!

And I love my matching Vera Bradley Pink Elephant Mint Tin!! I dont often eat them but sometimes a cinnamin mint is needed and I am never caught without one!! :) This is my everyday collection that I have moved into the Small Bow Tie! Perfectly holds everything!
Everyday wear is Tinted Mineral Veil, Medium tan Foundation, Warmth, Spice eyes with some Sex Panther mixed in, Clair lips and Cover Girl Lash exact Black Brown mascara!

Well that is a day in the life of my makeup bag.....lame huh.... lol!

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