Saturday, February 20, 2010

No Mojo

You know... it is really funny. I have had some amazing and fun experiences in the past week with lots of pictures and stories but I just haven't had the blogging bug. I have SO MUCH to blog about but sometimes the words just don't come to like to keep them in your head and remember them and to put them out there is kind of like letting go. I know that is irrational but that's how my head has been lately.
I'm going to go a little meme and try to finish my Disney Social Media Mom's Celebration post for tomorrow. I'm not promising anything but I will try! I owe it to my Moms since they gave me the shout outs! I have SO MUCH emotion about these ladies ( and Lou and JoshySquirrl and TonyTonyTony) that I am afraid I wont do my experience any justice but I will try my hardest!
I don't have a blog to tag this from because I saw it on Facebook...... *shrugs* here we go!

1 - What would you do if you came into a lot of money?

I would pay the rent on our townhouse for 2 years and then start looking for a house. That way we are secure here but have time to be picky about a house forever! I would pay to have my grandparents house revamped in NH and then buy Mom and Dad a house here in Florida. I would GO BACK TO SCHOOL and send James back to school. I would go get botox for my Hyperhydrosis. I would Buy James a new truck. I would buy Mom a motorcycle so she could ride with Daddy in the Florida Sunshine. I would buy Tuckers a cute car and Cade a Vespa!!!!! (hahaha) I would donate some money to Special Olympics and Susan G.

2 - What would you do if you were invited to a nude gathering/party/wedding, etc.?

I would grab James and he and I would go get waxed within an inch of our life and then go party! Why Not? I may not be the most attractive naked person but why the hell not? You only live once!

3 - You dream of an disaster approaching in three days (tornado, hurricane, earthquake, meteor). What do you do, if anything?

I would call EVERYONE in my phone and tell them I love them, make some cookies, grab a pepsi and wait! While my dreams are very telling in my real life...... a natural disaster would be a bit much!

4 - You get to choose the Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain. Who do you choose to help him win or lose, and why?

oh wow....... I have no idea. I stay FAR AWAY from politics....... I don't even want to go there.

5 - You are in a witness protection program. Who do you decide to be, where will you live, and what profession will you choose?

I am a diner owner in Minneapolis, Minnesota named Millie!!! Yeppers! I chew gum and have LOTS of aqua net in my hair and turquoise fake nails and call everyone Doll and Sweet cakes!

6 - You made reservations at a swanky restaurant. You are seated. The host screws up and brings someone famous that you happen to admire… to sit with you. Who’s the surprise company, and what’s your reaction?

Craig Ferguson! I adore that man and I would love nothing more then to spend a night picking his brain! I think he is sexy and hysterical and I TOTALLY want to be his friend!!! I think he would think I am boring but I would try my hardest to keep up with his witty banter!!!

7 - Your senses merge and you see colors and visions when you listen to music, particularly choir ensembles or classical. What do you see when you hear your favorite piece?

My most favorite choral ensemble we did when I was in high school was a 17 minute Les Mis mashup! (Gleek) If I could see colors and pictures when that was sung I would be a happy panda! I would see purples and blues and greens with orange starbursts and pictures of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Sunset through the Fireworks! To be able to see those when I close my eyes would soothe all my worries!

8 - Describe how you are lucky.
this is a hard one for me...... I know I am lucky because I have and AMAZING Husband and an AMAZING family and in the past few months I have gained some AMAZING friends but.... my luck in life lately (besides contest winnings) just hasn't been happening! Between ex friends/work/court/life in general on the every day.. life has been unlucky! BUT I need to not dwell and look towards the future and make my life the best I can! I need to remind myself that I control my life.....NOT the coulda shoulda wouldas!!!!


  1. gave Squirrel and TTT a shoutout! :)

    Love you sweet cheeks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Pajamas and Coffee today- I really appreciate it! And can I just say? That your "Open Your Whore Mouth" thingy? is AWESOME?!?! Can I borrow if I totally credit you?!


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