Monday, February 1, 2010

VoluntEARing Disney 2010 Marathon Weekend Day 1&2 Pictures

These pictures arent in any special order because it is KILLING me to post them right now! Blogger has been VERY bitchy to me about posting pictures for the past few days and I dont have time to sit here and put them in magical order!! LOL... Sorry!!!

This is what Disney consideres as a "Breakfast"! Trail Mix, Water, String Cheese, Crackers, Peanuts and 2 snickers bars..... honestly yall.... a muffin wouldnt have killed you ;) Snickers at 3 am is energizing but not healthy!!!!
I got this post card in the mail about a month before the Marathon confirming my voluntEAR status!! It is so cute!!! This is Disney's "Lunch/Dinner" Box! Sammie, Chips, Cookie and an apple! Always good and filling! Even if the cheese always sticks to the bread *ick*
There is always a choice of Roast Beef, Turkey or Veggie.
This was my crudentials for the Marathon! I felt so very important! What they would do was hole punch when you check in for your shift and give you your jacket, Hole Punch when yo got your lunch and then hole punch when you checked out of your shift when they would give you your free ticket!
The 2010 Full Marathon Collectors Pin :) I may have gotten away with 1 or 2!!

Working the Check in booths on Day 1! I LOVED our shirts~~~~
AHH!!! 3am at Epcot getting Hot cocoa!!! It was SO GOD DAMN FUCKING COLD! It was in the 20's with the wind chill!!!
It was a SEA of voluntears!!
Our Spiffy Orange Jackets!! While they wernt warm they were cute with a big pocket for our "breakfast" stuff!!!

Frumpy LOVE!!!!! This was us waiting on the bus to head to Epcot :)

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