Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VoluntEARing Disney 2010 Marathon Weekend Day 3 Pictures

Tired and Frumpy but having so much fun!

Me holding the Goofy Challenge Medal!

Closest he will ever get to that medal ;)

Alice in Wonderland themed!!! Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and Alice!!! LOVE THEM!!

Finish line!


Dressed like Minnie Mouse!!


Man in a runners Kilt!! I love this!!!! Told James that if we ever did to a marathon that he had to rock a kilt!

You can see the Blue Peg stands that held all the medals to give out to the racers! And WOW were they heavy!!! We would load 50 of them on our arms at a time and loop them on their necks! It was a Blast!!!

Thaddeus is my most favorite name of all time!! I jumped on the poor guy and begged of him to take a picture of his tag!!

Where we were stationed for the first part of the dayThe first Wheel chair racer to come our way!


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