Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Blurbs

I got the CUTEST reuseable shopping bags at Forever 21 yesterday!!! OMG!!! SO CUTE!! and NAUTICAL!!! And they were only 1.50 each!! I totally think I may go back and get a few more! I am inlove :) and they are WAY cuter then the ones I have from Albertsons....

    Also got a really cute scarf for 4 bucks at Forever 21! While I love all their nautical stuff right now I couldnt for the life of me ever fit into their sizes! They only go to a size Large and my girls will NOT NOT NOT fit! But I do like their acessories! Very Cute and affordable! And when they break in a few weeks you dont feel bad because you didnt spend a fortune ;) I may go back and get the coral one too!

      I am starting walking again this week. Starting out at 30 minutes for the first week 4 days a week and then upping it each week 15 minutes till I get to 90 minutes. I made a new playlist this morning because I spent most of the walk this morning skipping songs! LOL! It was a nice morning in the 60's and a good walk with downhill and uphill walking :) I would like to do the 5k in October at Disney and some day be able to fo a half marathon so I got my fat ass in gear today !

      I wish I had something better to blog about but my life is pretty boring as of late. James and I are heading to Disney a week from tomorrow to celebrat Valentines day since he has to work on Sunday. We have to activate our annual passes and are planning on meeting some twitter friends for some park fun and I am hoping to do the American Idol experience! It will feel good to belt out a song for a crowd again! I miss singing......

      I do have some book reviews to post for the next few days for my contest that I need to get my ass in gear for! I have fallen WAY BEHIND in reading lately but plan on fixing that !

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