Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little About Me

  • I was raised in a VERY small town in New Hampshire that had a ski resort in it. I skied for Gym class a few times a week all through elementary school to middle school. I miss it but not enough to go back any time soon! I havent seen snow in 8ish years!
  • I was raised by my Maternal Grandmother and Aunt for 21 years. I dont talk to them any more and have no desire to. They raised me to be a very strong, independent and well spoken lady but when I started to do things without asking them first they turned their backs on me! I am a better person for this and wouldnt change that for anything!
  • I hate Snow and Cold. It was never a place for me. I never felt comfortable up North. I was always so happy when I vacationed in Florida or California. It was a natural choice when I packed my littel 2 door hatch back pink Hyundai named Belle that I was heading to Florida for good!
  • My Mother is my best friend! She makes me nuts on the regular but without her I would be a hotter mess then I already am! I get my love of music and artsyfartsy stuff from her. My Stubborness and my Voice from her. i love her moore then words can state
  • When my mom visits my most favorite thing is to sit with her and let her play with my hair. It makes me feel like a little girl again and since she loves my hair so much she has no problems with it.
  • My Hair is my lot in life. Me and Anne Of Green Gables as SUCH kindrid spirits on that one! I hate it. I am a girl of mixed race with the worst hair of all time! It is frizzy and thick and curly and un manageable unless I put 15 lbs of product in it! I go thru a can of Herbal Essence Curl Mousse in 2 weeks normally! And if it wasnt for Aussie Sprunch Spray I would die!!!
  • When I first moved to Florida in 2000 I was a chat room chatter! I have NO shame because in the long round about way it brought me to James. I would chat on Yahoo Chat in the Florida room. I went to "Chat Parties" and met people. I am proud that I did! I met friends that I still to this day still talk to! People that I will always consider my friends!

If anyone has any questions for me I would love to answer them :) I am a pretty open person... dont hold a lot back so please ask away :)!!!

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