Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been sucking at my NaBloPoMo this month but I have actually been doing things! Which is a plus! lol.... Happy Valentine's day to all my blogging loves! I hope you get to spend the day with those you love the most! Hubs and I are heading down to Disney for a few days tomorrow to celebrate since he is working AS USUAL (always on the important days). I am working on my recap of the Disney SM Moms Conference but for now I am going to do a Valentine's Meme :) Lots of Love and Hugs and Sweet Thoughts!!!! xxooxxooxxooxx

The questions..

1. Favorite Valentine's candy? White and Yellow Conversation Hearts
2. Pink or red? Both!
3. Will you be doing anything to celebrate today? We are going away to celebrate tomorrow!
4. Do you put up Valentine's decorations? No Ma'am.... too much work and nobody will appreciate it!
5. What does Valentine's Day mean to you? It is only one day but I love getting cards! lol.....
6. Would you rather, candy, or a night out? night out!
7. Sexy lingerie or Dorm Wear and a tshirt please! LOL.....
8. Do you say Valentine's Day or Valentime's Day? Valentine's Day.....

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