Sunday, March 7, 2010

Truth or Dare!

Truth: who was your first crush...what happened...what did you do

oh so.... my first crush was Marc Rowe and it was in 1st grade. He was a god in my little afroed headed brown eyes! He was the tallest kid in our class and he had blue eyes and played basketball! Honestly... it didn't take much but whatever he had it was doing it for me! I worshiped him and alway tried to make it so I stood next to him in whatever line up we had to do.. I let him color in my coloring book during recess and I always tried to share my fruit roll up with him! And it wasn't one of those ones you punched the shapes out of... it was a full on regular sides sheet of fruit roll up! Well.. here was the issue. He had crush on my best friend at the time. Her name was Jenny Maloney and while Jenny didn't have a huge crush on him she tossed her long brown wavy hair around him and batted her big brown eyes at him and ate the attention up! She sat with him under the stairs at lunch recess and colored with him in MY Coloring book! *sigh* And before I knew it they were "boyfriend and girlfriend" and holding hands in reading circle and my little brown girl heart was broken. But... what better way to get your mind off of one boy then to move on to another boy? Marc's best friend Tommy Moritz! OH YEAH!! lol! So Tommy and I started to be boyfriend and girlfriend ( now I want to remind you this is 1st grade) and we were coloring together and sitting against the reading wall together holding hands... Everything was going great till I find out from Jenny that SHE let Marc look down her shirt in the corner where we had the chicks in the inquibators and now Tommy wanted to look down MY shirt......well..... OK! So I let Tommy look down my shirt and that was that. I think the whole thing fell apart within the end of the year because come 2nd grade everything was all different..... lol. Funny enough though, I dated Tommy and Marc both 3 other times between 3rd grade and 8th grade. This is what happened when you live in a VERY SMALL town and you have no options! They are both married with Kids now and live in New Hampshire.....And I wont lie that I am glad I got the hell outta there!!!!

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  1. GREAT POST!!!!! I love it!!!

    I had one of these similar crushes too! Man it sucks when they go for your best friend....and it always happens.

    thanks again, consider this entered into the TRUTH OR DARE Give Away!!


  2. That sounds EXACTLY like my last relationship... colouring books and everything. Okay, okay I kid. But I hate it when the boy I like uses MY colouring book to colour with their girlfriends.

    Love the post... found you through The Insatiable Host (of course).


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