Monday, March 29, 2010

I am ALIVE!!!!

Kind of..... I have been sick off and on for the past almost 2 weeks! It has been fun! I was sick at Disney twice, I ate some bad pizza at Disney that made me sicker, I felt like my ears were going to fall off, I have gone thru a HUGE bag of Vitamin C drops, 8 boxes of Vicks Tissues and a JUG of OJ. i am about 90% Aurora right now... But Let me throw up some pictures from the past few weeks to show you what I was up to besides sneezing, coughing up green stuff and running to the bathrooms!! lol ! I didnt make it to Voluntear at Disney since I was so sick but I did make it out to Epcot the next day with a backpack filled with drugs, tissues and a can of pepsi that exploded (all over my favorite hoodie grrr) to see some of my amazing Twitter Peoples for the Daivid Cassidy Tweet Up!!!
The Flatties dancing with Maria to David Cassidy!!!! The Concert Was SO SO SO SO Cheesy!!!! LOL...
a Frozen Mojito that made my hurty throat feel SO SO SO SO much better!!!! And it tasted YUMMY!
Frozen Peach Tea Peach Schnapps drink in China! My ABFAB drink at Epcot!!!! It is perfection!
This is my Joshy Squirrel !!! I love this 10 year old like he is my own! He spent the whole day with me and I was perfectly happy with that!!!!! I wish I could have seen TonyTonyTony too but he was too busy watching baseball with Big Daddy Greg in Lakeland (BLAH)~
THIS is PrincessPeanut! Is she not the most ADORABLE thing on the planet! Rockin my favorite Coach Sunglasses!!!! She is my lil lovie and I cant wait to play Tater Heads with her soon!!!!
Honestly.... I thought that the ladies were going to throw their panties and bras around! David Cassidy thought the was KING SHIT and strutted around that stage like he was gods gift and I could do NOTHING but laugh!!!

This lady sat thru the WHOLE CONCERT with her ears blocked! She didn't shake,,, she didn't shimmy she didn't do ANYTHING but sit like that!!!! And then below we have her friend who was SHAKING HER ASS the whole time! Maria has FUNNY video since I was crying I was laughing so hard! If a bra would have gone flying it would have been hers!!!

While the concert wasn't my thing,, I am glad I went because I got to see some of my most favorite people and got to meet some new Twitter friends!!!! I love Disney Tweet Ups because you meet people that you talk to all the time AND you get to enjoy some of your favorite food/rides/places with them!!!!! After the concert we enjoyed some rides and food... all in all it was fun!!!!! Although I felt good at the park the next day I was a BAG OF ASS and spent the day on the couch!!!!


  1. yay! Thanks for the reminder abt that video! I totally forgot since it is on my phone.

    Good times!! Princess Peanut says HI!!!!!!

  2. Could you NOT put, "I Think I Love You" on here? I got only a few seconds of it because Squirrel would not record it for me while I threw by bra & panties at the stage!

  3. Okay, I have to post ONE MORE comment before I go to bed...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of Princess Peanut!

    HOW CUTE IS THAT PICTURE?????? I could almost make that my wallpaper it's so darn cute!

  4. PrincessPeant << TOO adorable for words!!

  5. SOOOOOoo much fun y'all had! what a wonderful time - love the pics, and the video!! Missing ya, gal!

  6. SO FUnny Rora! Love it!! The video clip cracks me up - not a soul rockin out there...looks like the geriatric war on meds! Love the photos - and LOVE that the Flatties were rockin it! Awesome! :)


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