Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Disney Junk

I am a pack rat. This is a known fact. I save everything..... notes from high school, letters from people, all my old name tags from every job I have ever had, every card from every holiday of all time! EVERYTHING! Makes James nuts, Makes my Mother nuts but I am my Grandfathers Granddaughter and feel like if I throw it away I will regret it. I am not Hoarders material in the slightest! My stuff is all packed away in trunks and Rubber-maid bins! It is not spread about my house and you don't have to traverse a maze to get anyplace! (except the 2nd bedroom but that is just full of dirty clothes.... don't judge me!) SO while going thru two of my trunks the other day I came across some Disney stuff that I knew some of my Disney Peeps might get a kick out of! I have tons more but this is what came out of one trunk! I have pictures that I found too but I havent scanned them yet! Enjoy!!!!

We have a clear Mickey head DIsney magic Music Days Keychain I got in '97, a When Was Your First Visit Sticker thing, a 1998 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Button and a Happy new Year Flashing 1999 Pin!
This is the back of my Hotel ID Card/Room Key/Park ticket from Port Orleans '93-'94
Back of a Caribbean Beach Resorit Hotel ID card
Front with my super special Signature ;) This was only a resort ID... not a key or a park ticket.. strange!
Room Key, Hotel ID and Park Ticket Port Orleans '93-'94
I miss the old school BIG resort Mugs,,, they were worth the price! Now they are small and just not as fun!!
Every year we went my Gramps would buy us each one for the trip because they usually changed them each year. We stayed the most at Port Orleans and Dixie Landings. Port Orleans was so my home away from home... I have many amazing memories of that place and I HATE that is isn't the same any more!
This is from when All Star Movies first opened! You went around to each of the 5 locations and toured and got a stamp and at the end you got a prize of some sort... I don't remember what it was... I remember I won a watch spinning some wheel but....I just remember looking at a 101 Dalmatians room and thinking it was SUPER SMALL but the colors and theming was really cool!

Back in the day this was what they called the behind the scenes tours. I was lucky enough to take a bunch of the classes over the years!
This is the folder my "diploma" came in!
Minnie's Menehune Character Breakfast was our FAVORITE back in the day! I loved all the food and the way that The Polynesian would set it up!!! They would give these out to all the kids at the end of the breakfast. So you got double the autographs :)
Me on Splash Mountain in 1995 I think......

When I was 11 I think I had a personal meet and greet with Snow White inside Town Hall with me and my Cousin Garrett (who picked his nose through the whole thing. My Aunt Carol has it on VHS. I am sitting there in my pretty dress and Garrett is jumping around picking his nose and eatting it) and she signed a book for me!

This is Me in California when I was 12 at Medieval Times! I know it isnt Disney but... I think it is funny that my crown wont fit because my afro is too big ;) lol and I LOVED that dress!! and My Henniker Jacket too.. every kid in my town had one of those! it said HENNIKER across the back and my name is on the sleeve :) It was just something everyone had! I still have mine! BUT The Red Knight won the battle and He gave me his scarf! I still have that too! AND that paper crown :) I did go to Disneyland on that trip :)
AHH!! My Wonders of Walt Disney World Diploma... and my name is spelled wrong! DAMNIT DISNEY! LOL... This was from the Entertainment class. You got a hard cover work book and a kodak camera to use for the day of the class. I remember that we had Lunch at Cosmic Rays and Dinner at Liberty Tree or whatever it was called back then and while we ate Dinner they developed all our cameras... but besides that I dont remember anything besides walking underground.....
Thats all for now :) I have some more stuff to go through so we will see what I find!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I'm a huge Disneyland lover!

  2. OMGosh you are the cutest thing! I LOVE the Splash Mountain photo!! missing you gal, and your tremendous love of life! Please post more.... *kisses*

  3. Love this Rora! Such great memories! I'm glad you save all these things!

    Miss you!

  4. I swear we lived parallel lives - you could be my long lost baby sister!!

    I know we talked before but I have to say again how we have those same dated "First Visit" buttons and the Port Orleans mug...I'm going to have to dig out all my stuff and take pictures too. I know I posted about the old Chef Mickey's in my Lake Buena Vista Villas post - do you remember that place before Rainforest Cafe was there?

    Also - and this is the thing that got me so excited - I did the Wonders of Walt Disney World toooo!! That's what I wrote about in my newsletter article! I still have my diploma too. I only did it one time, it was on one of our stays when we lived in MA. I did the arts/theatre one (can't remember what it was called) and we got the instant cameras too, we had lunch at the Diamond Horseshoe Revue tho. It was so much fun and I never found anyone else that remembered those programs! (even tho I probably did them way before you since I'm ancient) ;)

    Great trip down memory lane!


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