Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday at Disney

Now that Hubs and I are annual pass holders at Walt Disney World we have been trying to make it out there as many times as we can before the summer hits and we are in black out zones! This past Monday we headed down for a few days. Cashed in on a ghetto hotel stay on I-Drive, told the Little Brosef to come meet us for dinner on us and hopped on the bus and away we went! We treated him to Friendly;s because it is right next to the hotel and it makes Cade and I feel like we are home in NH when we eat there!

He is SO SPECIAL!!!! God Love him....I would only ever be related to the strange ones!!!!
This car was in the parking lot of the Econo Lodge that we stayed at.... REALLY??? 30 Bucks a night and you call yourself a Diva?? LOL..... *shakes head*

So James and I made ressies for the free shuttle to Magic Kingdom for the next morning so we could then bus it to Animal Kingdom. James had only been there 2 times and we had done the same 3 things each time so we decided to spend the morning there at least!
We got there and it was a beautiful day! Nice breeze but sunny and warm! we grabbed some tea and a croissant and headed towards Expedition Everest! Neither one of us have ridden it before (I KNOW I KNOW) and figured the 30 minute wait would be worth it!
Such a pretty view!!!!! We were VERY excited to be riding!!!! We love rides and knew this would be a blast!

This was in the cue line for the ride! I threw my quarter in there and made a wish!
We had a GREAT ride! SO much fun and FASTTT!! the Yeti was not working and was told via twitter that it hasn't been for a few months and wont even be fixed before summer starts which is a downer! It was alike a souped up BTMRR and we were huge fans!!!! Cant wait to ride it again!!
We headed towards Dino Land USA next and rode Primevel Whirl... what a WASTE OF A RIDE! Holy hell!... worst Disney ride of all time people! I don't get the point of it.. the seats were SO UNCOMFORTABLE! And the Bars that go over you are even worse and the ride was just the worst. I wont ever ride it again! The only good thing that came out of it was this picture me and James took in line!

We are so cute!!!!! lol..... and modest....Pics like this make me adore him so..... i need to keep this pic near me at all times so when I get mad at him i can just look at this pic ;)
So after that horrid ride we went to grab a bite at Resturauntosaurus. I got a Bacon Burger and James got a BIG ASS HOT DOG and we loaded up at the toppings bar and went and sat on the back patio by Dinosaur (which we skipped because to be honest I REALLY hate that ride)
We talked with a family visiting from new York that were adorable and gave them some tips for Epcot the next day :) I love that!! One of my favorite parts about Disney is helping people who have no idea! We sat out there for about 45 minutes just enjoying the company and the weather! We headed towards the Safari because that is one of our favorites!!!! We always see different animals :) Here are our pics!
The Giraffe was about 15 feet from our Safari Truck ! SO PRETTY up close!! Amazing patterns on their bodies.... They are always my favorite animal to see next to the Hippos!
SO amazing!!! There was a whole family up the hill with a baby!!!!
a Pride of Elephants at the Watering Hole!!! They were spraying each other and having fun! Love It!

The Mama Lion has sumthing up there and was tearing it up but we couldn't see much....

We love the Safari!!! After that we did the walking trail to see the Gorillas!!!! MY MOST FAVORITE THING TO SEE!!!!!! And we were lucky enough to see the brand new baby Gorilla! she was SO TINY and holding on to her mommy the WHOLE time they were out! The pics arent that good but we tried!!

The Daddy was storming around beating his chest while Mama and the little were out so Mama stayed pretty close to the top of the area. We are hoping that the older the baby gets the more Daddy will let us see her!!! She is about 3/4 months right now and such a peanut!!! Cant wait to watch her grow up!!!!!
We decided to head back to the Asia walking trail so I could see the big kitties!! love me some Tigers!!!!
The Komdo Dragon! He isn't aloud to lick me cuz I would die! James says so!!!!
He looked JUST LIKE Raj from Aladdin!! I wanted to go play with him But James said I couldn't... he doesn't ever let me do anything fun :(
all he did was walk and pace and drink and pace... lol... but he was SO pretty!!!!!!
We left AK after this and headed over to MGM in hoped of seeing the American Idol Experience Finale Show and our Home Boy Sean Klitzner but we didn't last long over there...... we did the Animation Studio, ate some Pizza at Pizza Planet that made me sick the day after and left.... we just wern't feeling it! But Look at who I met and take a look at what I drew at the Animation class!!!!
Me and Belle :) she was super cute and i liked her!! No Man hands and no lipstick on her teeth!

LOOK AT MY SUPER CUTE RAYMOND FROM PRINCESS AND THE FROG!!!!! I think I did a great job and I am SUPER happy that we got to do something from PatF!!!! He isn't perfect be he is adorable :D
So Over to Epcot we head.... rode Spaceship Earth
lol... classy bastards!! Thats us!!!
We headed towards the World and walked thru... just kind of moseying... enjoying the day!! James got Fish and Chips at the stand and we people watched! We walked around to Germany so I could get a Braut and some Cheesecake (Disney Crack I'm TELLING YOU) and charged up our phones ;) We tweet/text/facebook way too much! I can burn thru 2 batteries in about 12 hours at Disney EASY! we travel with both our chargers and an extra battery every trip! I need to call TMobile and complain and get another battery sent!!! lol. OH OH OH! On our way into Epcot we saw the Tron-O-Rail

While I have NO NO NO Desire to see the movie I really like the Look of this! I know people are all pissy about it being an advertisement but i like it :) its a fun change!!!
So we left the park and headed to the TTC ( I BECAME THE MAYOR OF MONORAIL RED VIA FOURSQUARE!!!!) and waited to board our bus back to the motel! We had a super fun day and days like this make me so glad I live in Orlando and get to just spend random days at the park!
I leave you with my favorite picture from the day!


  1. Sister....a few comments--1st: WE LOVE P.W. at DAK! Wouldn't ever pass it up! So much fun! 2nd--We LOVE Dino too! (We may have to work on your rides-which ones you love & which ones you hate!)

    3rd (and final comment) - ITA w/your Tron comments! No desire to see it; didn't see the first one (and don't want to), but LOVE the look of the Tron wrap on the train!

    Great blog Mocha!

  2. Dear Mocha, Your Royal Highness, Crown Princess of the Exclamation Point,

    This Official Notice is to Notify You that You are in Grave Danger of Exceeding Your Monthly Allotment of Exclamation Points.

    Sincerely Yours,

    The Exclamation Police

  3. Great pics and looks like is was a fun day! The hubs is indeed a cutie!

    EE also has a single rider line, when you just need to get your speed on.

    keep 'em coming!

  4. Thank you for my mini trip to Animal Kingdom!I loved it! I can hardly wait to go there for real!


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