Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Be Yourself Thursday!

That's me Folks! Laughing Hard with all 3 of my chins and clapping my hands like a paste eater! But Ya Know what.. I had SO much fun that day! I met new friends and hung out with one of my favorite people ever and Dammit... WHO CARES!!!! Don is in this picture with me and I wouldn't have it any other way!!! Love You Duckman!!! :D And ya know what Everyone wishes that they could sing Kei$ha as good as us!!!!!! I cant wait till you and the Wifey are back down here again!! Sometimes you just need to let go and have fun because you only live once! So what if I am not a size 12... I am having a damn good time and I know it is only one of MANY!!!


  1. i LOVE love love that picture!

  2. Aurora, Mary & I (as well as Amanda, Rachel, John, Bob & Toni) were so glad to FINALLY meet you! We had such an awesome time that day, one of the highlights of our trip! You and Amanda are such Awesome Tweeps and can't wait to get back to FL and hang with you guys!

    Tik Tok will always remind us of that awesome day we spent with you at the Tequila Bar in Mexico! You Rock Girl!

  3. Aurora, meeting you was the highlight of our trip! Certainly can't wait for more fun times at the Tequila Bar (and elsewhere) with all of us. You energize Bob's inner American Idol - LOL "The party don't start til you walk in'!!!!!

    Til next time!


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