Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blogging Time Out

Yep. I put myself in blogging time out! It was needed before I blew my top and started yammering and being mean and totally not nice at all! This Blog is only gonna be a recap/highlight of some amazing things that have happened as of late! BTW I REALLY hate that blogger puts the pics in whatever order they want! OYE!

Mom Came! And we took her to MK and MGM for the first time :) She also did Epcot! We wore her the hell out but she LOVED every minute of it!

Got to meet my Brother from another Mother Chris! I swear he is the boy version of me!
James and Cadel acting Silly at Downtown Disney
Mom got her first Vinyl :)
Mom and I went to the Celebration Pie Festival, ate a LOT of pie and I am the Mayor of the Event!
I FINALLY MET TIANA!! She and Naveen were SO SO SO Pretty! Honestly! He was just as pretty as she was!!!!!
Ate Some School Bread! Oh My LORD! Best Treat EVER! Another reason to Love Norway!
Let the #Flatties ( Jen & Megs) Flirt with some Prom Goers at Epcot! TOTAL future Cabana Boys!
Met John and Instantaneous Fell in Love with him! He is the Bestest!
Met Shaenelyboo and ADORE him to pieces!!!!!! I wish he lived closer!
Hung Out with some of my most favorite Weekend Warriors! Dylan, LexieBoo, Maria and PrincessPeanut
Had a fun day With my Weekend Warriors!
Love This Kid!!!!
He humors my sillyness when james inst around to do it ;)
I VoluntEARed for Special Olympics this year again! I Love this event!!!! LOVE!
LMAO! Ok.. Im sorry but this is funny!!!!!!
2 of my favorite #Morons acting silly!
James in Star Wars Jail
Chris made it into the Finals of American Idol!
I got to attend a Wishes Dinner Party with some AMAZING Friends Charles, Vanessa and Amanda
I had an AMAZING lunch at Elephant Bar with my Husband and had this YUMMY Raspberry Mojito! Oh My LORD!!!!!YUM
I got to see my Pal Lou Mongello at a Disney Media Event for Summer Nightastic ! Always love a good time with Lou!
Got to hang with Amanda at said Disney Media Event as her "camera girl"! It is my favorite job!
This was our view at the lunch after the Disney MEdia Event! AMAZING!
Amanda, Zanna and Me Previewing the Disney Electrical PArade at the Disney Media Event!
Chris didnt win the finals but he kicked MAD ass!!!

So as you can see it has been a LOT of Disney! But Thats the way I love it! I do have some exciting news that I will be sharing on my next post though :) if you follow me on twitter then you already know but... I like to do it up right so next post stay tunned :)


  1. WOW!! you have been busy but such fabulous pictures and what great memories! LOVE, LOVED seeing them all and makes me miss you all the more. You are gorgeous, gal! now post your next entry!

  2. You have had such a great two months! I agree with Lynne! Seeing all of them makes me miss you even more! Can't wait to see you in August! XOXO


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