Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly Bandz

Hi! My name is Aurora and I am 31 years old and I LOVE Silly Bandz ! If I was a 12 year old girl I would be wearing them up and down my arms! LOL.....
My first Silly Band was a Star shaped one that I was given when I voluntEARed for Special Olympics by one of my Athletes! It was kinda small and made my wrist turn silly colors but I wore it both days! :) Anything for my Athletes!
I Then went out and bought a package of Sea ones due to my love of all things nautical ! I even got a knock off package of sea and a knock off package of fantasy ones too so I could have some variety! My Friend Jen even sent me a package of the Princess ones :) Which I wear Daily because I am a Princess!!!! I have collected a few Disney Princess Ones from my Friend Nicole and even traded a few with Princess Peanut !
I just think they are adorable! Silly Bandz were invented by Robert Croak in Toledo,Ohio! What a GENIUS! I am SURE that we all wish that we had come up with something so simply as to make rubber band shapes! LOL.....
My Point of this blog is nothing more then sometimes it is ok to be a kid :) Now if you excuse me I will be at my front window with my nose pressed against the glass WAITING for my box from my mom with the Toy Story 3 Silly Bandz in them :)

*this blog is all my own thoughts. I was not paid or compensated for acting like a 12 year old girl*


  1. bah humbug! There's no "contact me" or email anywhere! :( Would you be interested in doing an interview for Say Anything?

  2. You are insane, but I wouldn't have you any other way. Love ya' sister!


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