Saturday, June 19, 2010

Social Media BOOYA!

Ok So anyone who follows me on twitter @RoraBorieAlice knows that I LOVE me some Four Square! It is by far one of the most fun things ever! Between winning mayoralships and getting silly badges and watching friends beat each other out of places (Jillian and Amanda) It is a good time! I am the Mayor of 17 Places myself! I know home is listed twice but I don't count one of them because I only check in at one of the two!
+ Altamonte Springs Mall Bus Stop (Altamonte Springs, FL) [X]
+ Apple Store (Orlando, FL) [X]
+ Bare Escentuals (Orlando, Florida) [X]
+ Florida Mall Food Court (Orlando, FL) [X]
+ Home Sweet Home (Altamonte Springs, FL) [X]
+ Home sweet home (Seminole, FL) [X]
+ Lollicup (Orlando, FL) [X]
+ Marshalls (Altamonte Springs, Florida) [X]
+ Monorail Blue (Lake Buena Vista, FL) [X]
+ Monorail Lime (Lake Buena Vista, Florida) [X]
+ Old Navy (Orlando, Florida) [X]
+ Orlando Jai Alai (Casselberry, Florida) [X]
+ Polka Dotz (Orlando, Florida) [X]
+ Teavana (Orlando, FL) [X]
+ The Great American Pie Festival (Celebration, Florida) [X]
+ Torrid (Orlando, Florida) [X]

SO I also have earned 19 Badges!

I could have earned a 20th badge but it would have been a celtics badge and I am anti celtics.... I am technically anti lakers too but I hate the celtics MORE then the lakers so..... ANYWAY... moving on.
As you can see I am the Mayor of the Old Navy at The Florida Mall. Yay! So I get off work yesterday and decide to go over across the mall to the Old Navy to look for a Cardigan or something of the sort for the bus. It gets cold on there early mornings but I didn't want to have to lug around a heavy hoodie everyday in this kind of heat! I wanted something that I could just throw in my bag and not worry about. So I head RIGHT back to the clearance section. Clearance is my best friend at Old Navy! I will pick thru it as much as I can when I can! PLUS there was a sign that said that all clearance was an additional 30% off at the register! SCORE! I set myself with a ten dollar budget and started looking. I was there for maybe 30 minutes..... looking and searching! I had 5 things in my arms. 2 tank tops, 2 tshirts and a 3/4ths sleeve cotton cardigan. Everything was priced reasonably and I headed to the register! The Manger beckons me over to his register and I hand him my things and we chat and I ask him by chance if they give a mayoralship discount. He gives me a funny look and says HUH? I laughed and explained to him about foursquare and show him on my beloved blackberry that I am in fact the mayor of Old Navy. I explain badges and Mayors and that some places (starbucks) do mayorlship discounts and it never hurts to ask! He says that since he had NO idea this thing even existed they dont but he loves the idea so much that he wants to hook me up some how! He takes off 2bucks off my already LOW priced items which brings my total to a whopping $5.68 ! YES LADIES & #Morons! I got 5 shirts at Old Navy for less then 6 bucks!!!!!! I thanked him mucholy and grabbed my bag and ran out of there before they realized that I pretty much STOLE those clothes from them! LOL.......
Let me show you what I got! The price tags arent all correct and I threw my receipt out by accident but....

Yep! 97 Cents!!!!!!

This rang in as 97 cents too!

I LOVE the detail on this! I have 3 different skirts that this will go with!

I couldn't pass this up! the right price and Cute :) I will sleep in this!

This was what I came in for and it rang up as 1.99 ! I could NOT believe it!!!!!

So everything thing here after discounts and such came to whopping 5.68 ! How could I say no?
So Take it from me! If you are the Mayor of someplace then just ask if there is a discount! All they can say is no but maybe think about it for next time!!!!!!!!!


  1. Now, sista'... I KNOW I am late to the party...but listen WHAT ARE YOU DOING POSTING PICTUERS OF DEALS YOU GOT?


    I'm just messin' with you! Welcome to the money-savin'-posting club!

    Dang, got some killer deals!!! Love the $2 foursquare deal! :D

  2. wow, what a bunch of great deals and cute pieces!!! :) Amanda and I will forever be battling it out over St Cloud lol


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