Thursday, May 20, 2010

I forgot a few Cents.... here is 3 more!

OK... so... I want to add something to yesterdays post.
There were some comments floating around on twitter about People being jealous of experiences that people were having with the people they met on twitter and that it wasn't fair that they were friends in real life because they wanted to be too. It was said in not so many words something along the lines of by people talking about their experiences they have with the twitter friends shouldn't be talked about because it makes people mad/upset/jealous and we shouldn't be hurting peoples feelings.......


You have to be. So NOW... I am not "allowed" to talk about what I do anytime or any place with my friends because it upsets people? Are we not grown people? Are we Adults ( I use that term loosely) As many people know I refuse to censor myself. I have a trash mouth and I am very opinionated. I am true to who I am and I don't hide much. But on the other hand I know when and when not to let my true self hang out. Ask ANY of my #DisneyMOMS and they will tell you.
I spend a lot of time at the parks and I like to post pictures of fun things I am doing, play foursquare with my peeps ( mayor of 3 monorails thank you very much) . If you are mad that I am at the parks or upset because I am hanging with MY FRIENDS then I just cant help that. I am sorry that you live far away and cant come out as often as I do! I REALLY am because for a long time I didn't have the means to be at Disney a lot either. Hell, James and I don't really have the means to be at Disney a lot now but we make do. Packing lunches and such. We make it work! We don't do ADRs except on Birthdays and Special occasions. We split a Turkey Leg, we share a large soda. There are days when we don't eat but a snack in the park and we are ok with that. But Don't be mad or angry because we can do that. If you don't like it then you don't have to follow me. You don't have to be my friend. Twitter for me isn't about how many followers I have or how many people I follow. It is about connecting with people that to me are interesting and like the same things I do. I get jealous of people on Cruises (never been), People who go to Disneyland (only been once when I was 13), and most of all Tokyo Disney (My DREAM Disney trip) But I am NOT about to hate on them because they get to go! Nor am I going to be #Snarky (hush it Jenn) or nasty to them about it! I will tell them I am jealous but will enjoy watching their trip via pics and tweets or blog entries!

Honestly, I was made to feel bad for being at the parks so often. And from here on out I REFUSE to do that! If you don't like me, what I tweet about, what I blog about and so on then UNFOLLOW me but DON'T try and make me feel bad! Because from here on out, I WILL call you out on it! I am honestly one of the most easy going people ever. Very go with the flow and chill but the drama/high school level of twitter (and i will willingly admit i have been participating and I need to stop) has put me on edge and I am O V E R it :)

One of my pet peeves is people who didn't have a fulfilling high school career and start to act like they are back in HS as an adult..... well I did! I don't need to participate in it again as an adult!


  1. Great post! And really- does anyone WANT to go back to the drama of high school? And if so, why??? I am so not the same person now that I was then. It has taken me 30-some years to get comfortable with my (#snarky) self. I don't want to go back to who I was then.

    I wish I was able to be at the parks more often, but I live wayyyy to far away for that to happen. I LOVE seeing the tweets from people who able to go all the time (and take Flat Jen with them) and the fun they have. I feel like I have already met some of the people in person by looking at the pictures and watching the videos that are posted.

    And believe me, I don't intend to change either. I will be tweeting my little heart out when I go to DisneyLand next month. And if I can make people jealous, so much the better! (oops- was that Snarky???) :)

    Rora- I love you to death and would be CRUSHED if you changed.

  2. I am so crazy jealous that you live closer than I do. Thats it...we just cannot be friends anymore...*hmph*

  3. ok, seriously...

    That is so crazy. I *love* living vicariously thru others on twitter! If someone doesn't like it, then maybe they should rethink the whole social media concept.

    Life is too short to be so consumed with drama...unfollow & block can be your friends, too. As mean as that sounds, it doesn't really sound like these are real "Disney" people anyway...
    and you can be as Snarky as you want to just can't be the Queen. That'd be disrespectful ;)

  4. LOL-are you serious??? I LOVE living vicariously through you and others who are 'there' and in the moment. I've only ever wondered if you have a job or if your career is to go park hopping, LOL

  5. You go girl!! I agree with 100% and that's BS! if they don't like it then they move on!! I'ld say more but I'm just to dumb founded to think

  6. People should never feel bad for the great things they get to do in life. Go girl! And keep working that fun at Disney.

  7. There are so many things I love about you! The ranting, the fact that you can be a Disney Mom and still use the f bomb, and your fruit pizza toppings. SOUL SISTER!
    Rant on, mama!


  8. Totally agree - great post - to be blunt, grow the fuck up people!

    life can be tough - the more friends the better, period. This isn't high school, thank gawd, get over the petty crapola!


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