Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review of Seduction Island by Lorie O'Clare

Escape to a remote island destination where one man is torn by the desire of two sultry women...Jordan Anton is the heir to a staggering fortune, but he wants nothing to do with the rich. When his grandfather insists on sending him to an island escape with the beautiful Sicilian Princess Tory Alixandre to show him how stimulating money and culture can be, Jordan discovers his ideals - and desires - put to the ultimate test...There's just one hitch when he meets event planner Amber Stone, whose curves tempt Jordan beyond reason. She can't reveal her true social status or the fact that she has no experience, but as she spends time with Jordan, she finds it more difficult to deceive him - and resist him - until she finally gives in to the lust consuming her...Yet Amber hasn't forgotten that there's another woman who's occupying Jordan's time. And when she discovers the real reason Jordan's grandfather wanted her on the island, Amber must risk losing the one man who's awakened a deep hunger within her...

I really enjoyed this book! I love that Jordan was an alpha male,a cowboy, rich but didnt care and he chose the woman over the money!!!! LOVE THAT!!! This was a good read and I will be putting this on the Aphrodesia Shelf! That shows you how many books I read from the Aphrodesia line when it has its own shelf on my book case ;)

Overall- I give this 4.5 out of 5 Nautical Life Preservers!!

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