Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost The Birthday Princess

Yep.... this friday I will be the Birthday Princess! I am turning 31 years old on the 22nd of January. And I am not excited. My30th year was NOT fantastic! I lost a LOT last year and I know I should be looking ahead and trying to make my 31st year better but.. that is hard for me to do. I am trying my hardest but it is SO slow coming and I am doing my best. Nothing can be as bad as 2009 was for me!
BUT I am still a kiddo at heart so I have decided to make a birthday list :) Just because! It is my blog and I am almost the birthday Princess so I do what I want!!!
I used to have a pair of Slip on Clogs that I LOVED but working in an ice skating area KILLED them and I had a huge hole in the bottom and Hubs made me toss them away! AND that was 3 years ago so time for a replacement! I want either (or both) the Classic Short Boot in Light Brown or the Brown or Lavender Moccasins.

~IHome Alarm Clock
I am sick of using my blackberry and I need a place to put my ipod so I dont lose it which I tend to do a whole lot in the house ;) since it is a 2nd Generation 1gig little thing I tend to put it down and poof!

~Disney Annual Pass

This is a want not a need.....*sigh* We have a lot of family visiting this year which means trips to the parks and to be able to just hop on down there on a random tuesday with James would make me super duper happy!!!

~Bare Minerals
I LOVE my Bare Minerals. I have worn nothing but BE for the past 5 years!! Their formula works AMAZINGLY with my hyperhydrosis and My face hardly ever breaks out (except when I eat entire bags of mini recees cups but we wont talk about that *lastweek*) and my pores say THANK YOU for not using liquid foundation! lol!

I love me some gift cards and shopping!!! I am one of those people who does not mind getting gft cards because it shows me that you want me to get what I want!

So For now... these items top my list!


  1. Great list! I love Uggs but only own knock-off ones right now. I love the knit-looking ones that they came out with this year tho!

    And on a happy note...if 2009 was really bad, doesn't that mean 2010 has to be better??

  2. PR in blog world seems to mean product review


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