Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review of Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh

Kia Stanton discovers the reality of a sordid club when her husband brings a member home with him and tries to persuade Kia to have ..."relations"... with this man by using force and alcohol. This left Kia lost and hysterically searching for resolution...and leads her to tell her friend of the activities of this club. Her best friend betrays Kia and begins to gossip about what Kia had said...this, of course, brings Chase Falladay into the situation by trying to get Kia to retract her story. Instead, Kia, goes into isolation in an attempt to rediscover herself. Two years later, she bumps into Chase and Khalid at a party. This strikes up old memories and curiosity she has about this club and their practices in "sharing" members. Well, she goes with Chase, knowing fully well what is waiting between Chase and Khalid. After the three-way romp, Kia falls in love with Chase...of course, Chase refuses to have relations with Kia without Khalid. After a little persuasion, Kia finally gets Chase alone...but this love comes with a someone from Chase's past seeks revenge and sees Kia as a means to that end.

I LOVED this book... OMG... this is my 2nd Lora Leigh Book and I plan on getting as many moore as I can! This book was hot and steamy and indepth and a page turner! The sex was BEYOND sex and left me wanting moore!!! If Menage books are your thing then read this and the rest in "The Club" Series.... I plan on heading to pick them up this weekend!!!!!

I give this book

For the love of god.... READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I read it a while back and loved it.


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