Friday, January 15, 2010

Lady Luck!

As of late (well since summer) I have been a contest winning MACHINE! LOL! I can’t find a job but I can win contests from Twitter and Blogland! LOL! I don't enter ever contest I see ( and there are a WHOLE LOT OUT THERE) I just enter contests for stuff I want or things that are fun! Here are some of my winnings from the past few months. I have a few other things I am waiting for to come in the mail so I will do another post on those items!

RPatz Vanity Fair Magazine- This was a giveaway done by RobstenLovers . There were a bunch of magazines up for grabs and yes they were all Twilight Centric! Imagine my surprise when I found this good lookin fella in my mailbox ;)

MEOW! Now while I find myself a Team Jacob Fan for the movies I do think that this tussled hair young man is very delish looking! Something about a guy who does not have perfect hair, does not shave every day and lives in T-shirts! YUMMY!!!

Defining New Moon Book- This was a giveaway done by PeaceLoveTwilightBlog. Now I haven't read Defining Twilight but after seeing this book by Brian Leaf I am excited to get my hands on it! It breaks down each chapter like a study guide for a standardized test like ACT or SAT with vocab and mini tests and discussion topics! VERY COOL BOOK!!! I plan on grabbing Defining Twilight soon and Defining Eclipse when it comes out!
LOVE IT!!!! I still haven't read it but plan on reading it in the new year!

Christmas Carol IMAX 3-D Poster- one of my favorite people of all time @ZannaLand . She hosted a Twitter/Blog Party and I won this HUGE and cool poster! We want to get it framed to hang in our Guest Room!! It is so Big that we couldn't even get a full picture of it!! LOL~ It is the size of the posters that they hang up at the movies!

Sunshine Prunes Bag This contest was Funny! You head over to Robyn's blog and read about Prunes and then you had to leave her a fun fact that you learned about Prunes! I learned that 4 Prunes are 100 Calories! FUN!!!! I love a good reusable shopping bag (when I remember to bring them with me) and am excited to use the Free Coupon for one prune product that came with it!!!

Disney Lithographs: I won this set of Disney Litho set from a Disney Chat that I do a few times a month on Chat Roll all about Disney hosted by an AMAZING Travel Company Called Destinations In Florida! I always have a blast when I chat with folks planning their Disney Vacations! Brings me back to my first times visiting with the Mouse!!! And they always do a giveaway of some sort and I won! These arrived a few days after!

ARENT THEY GREAT!!! They will get matted and hung with the Christmas Carol Poster One Day for the Spare Bed Room!!!!!

Canadian Firefighter Calendar and Leah Braemel Swag: One of my favorite Authors Leah Braemel held a killer contest on her Blog! It was a find the differences between the two pictures contest! I LOVE those! I actually have a book of them and I always play that game on the touch screen machines! Come to find out her Son made the picture on Photo Shop! He did SUCH a good job because I had a hard as hell time finding all the differences but it paid off because I won a 2010 Canadian Firefighter Calendar and a BUNCH of Leah’s Book Swag!!!

I LOVE me some Firefighters....... this goes WAY back for me and having a whole calender of them is just perfection!!! Oh Yeah!!!!
See the Super Cool Ribbon Thong Book Mark? That was made by Hockey Vampiress and I have been using it since!!! I am a book mark nerd and tend to use and lose them often but I haven't lost this one yet!

Men In Blue by Devyn Quinn: I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Devyn Quinn fan and when I my choice of one of her books I almost peed my pants! She emailed me and asked what my choice was and I gave her 2 options since I love a good surprise but secretly I REALLY wanted Men In Blue and when it arrived I was BEYOND Happy!!! Men in Uniform and Sexy Time is exactly what melts my butter! (name the movie)~~ and LOOK!!! SHE AUTOGRAPHED IT !!!!!!!

I do have a few moore prizes that I am waiting to arrive in the mail including an Astroglide Giftpack, a Blood Coven Swag Set, a Starbucks Giftcard from Astroglide and a few other books!!! Dont ask me how I win because I have NO idea....I just do....


  1. Well congrats on all ya winnings. Btw, love the new look or your blog. Take care.

  2. I'm interested in knowing what was in the Astroglide gift pack and just what that contest involved, LMAO!

    Congratulations, Aurora, and thanks for the shout out.

  3. How fun! That's awesome, I've only ever won one giveaway. Oh well, sooner or later :-)

    Happy Friday Follow!

  4. That is a lot of winning. Congratulations. Just stopping by to say hello and follow you. Friday Follow Blog Hop.


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  7. Wow, you are a winning machine. Congrats!

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    ~ Lynn

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  14. Wow, it sounds like you are just really lucky! What are twitter contests? I sometimes get extra entries from twitter but have never entered a twitter contest.

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  15. Hey - Congratulations on your goodies - I am really good with giveaways too!! I've won 10 so far, and everytime I see that lucky email with the lline "You've won on ..." I literally squeal in delight! I've won jewellery, clothes, a BuddyTop, makeup, beauty mist, online certificates, blog stuff, It's so much fun! (I'm starting with the giveaways and reviews also)
    Anyway, Congrats to you (nice calendar, lol. That was a nice winning ;)
    I'm here from Friday Follow, late, and theres a long story. So, sorry - but Keep up the Wins!!

  16. Hope you enjoy Men on Blue. ;) If you have another you want, just let me know.


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