Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book Contests!

I am combining these three contests! I read so much and I love to do it so why not!!! Here is my list of books I have on hand! I will update as I go along!!!!

  1. Deeper-Megan Hart~~~~~~
  2. Merry Christmas Baby-Kensington Anthology
  3. Seduction Island- Lorie O'Clare~~~~~~
  4. Secrets Volume 4-Anthology
  5. Only Pleasure-Lora Leigh ~~~~~~
  6. Dangerous Boys and Their Toy- Shayla Black~~~~~~
  7. Men In Blue- Aphrodesia Anthology ( Autographed by Devyn Quinn!!!!)
  8. Lords of the Deep- Dawn Thompson
  9. Guilty Pleasure-Lora Leigh
  10. Nauti Nights- Lora Leigh
  11. Back in Black- Lori Foster
  12. Trio-Aprhrodesia Anthology (Autographed by Devyn Quinn!!!!)
  13. Talk Me Down- Victoria Dahl
  14. Start Me Up- Victoria Dahl
  15. Simply Irresistible- Kate Pearce (AUTOGRAPHED)
  16. Nauti Intentions- Lora Leigh
  17. Wild the Pack of St. James- Noelle Mack
  18. Ain't Myth*Behavin- Katie MacAlister
  19. Not Another New Years- Christie Ridgeway
  20. Skin Tight-Susan Anderson
  21. True Love and Other Disasters- Rachel Gibson
  22. Mistletoe & Mayhem- Avon Anthology
  23. 2000 Kisses- Christina Skye

Thats what I have on hand right now so I will add to the list as I buy books!!!! The Borders Express at the Crap Ghetto mall down the road is going out of Business so I plan on hitting that place up again next week!! 40-70% off!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for your comment! You're right, I'll show them my fighting spirit :) (feels like I'm in a ninja movie...huhuhu)

    I wish we had 70% off books, I know I need to educata myself! The book you chose seem all great!


  2. Hello Aurora

    Welcome abord - I am loving your list already...

    Victoria Dahl books are currently making the rounds and the first two are a cracker of a read...

    Lora Leigh - make sure you have a glass of water on hand ... Too much fun those books are...

    Once again welcome to the challenge and please check out the challenge blog

    and get involved any time...


  3. Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge. This is going to be a fun reading year.

    Happy New Year!!


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