Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sally Slacker Pants!

WOW... see what happens when your pass is in blackout status for Disney ;) you start lacking in your posts! LOL..... That coupled with Mommy coming this Tuesday and having nothing too exciting going on..... that makes for a lazy lazy blogger! Nothing exciting has been going on. James and I have stayed home to save money for Mumsie's trip! About the only indulgence we have had has been The Ice Cream Man! LOL! We have a Mister Softee that has started to troll the nieghborhood although not as often as I would LIKE! But the other day I heard the songs and I grabbed my crocs and RAN out the door... no bra... white tshirt, Princess Tiana tiara and Hubs was wearing a sports headband I made him put on earlier :) lol... but GD(ang @DCanoli) We Got Our Ice Cream!!!!

OH YES!!!! Vanilla Soft Serve with Rainbow Jimmies!!!!! Its like CRACK on a Cone!!! James is on a Dipped Cone kick lately... first it was cherry now he is on chocolate! 5 Dollars WELL SPENT! (even if it was our laundry quarters but I digress)

Beyond that... we are boring boring people! Without Disney or Money... its a LOT of laptop/facebook/twitter time and a LOT of Netflix Instant to your Laptop movies/tv shows! Next week will prove to be better since the Mumsie will be landing on Tuesday!!!! We have a trip to Disney planned, a LOT of pool time planned, some shopping, some fun drinks with umbrellas in them and lord knows what else!! I am VERY excited to see her! I haven't seen her since August and I am going crazy ! I will take lots of pictures and make an effort to blog! I will be a twittering fool though so if you want to see our shenanigans ( and there will be some... I have the Worlds most EPIC Mother) follow me on Twitter! @RoraBorieAlice ! For Now I leave you with a Sundy Meme :)

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless? Well.. since the MAN has decided to protest taking care of his hairy chest.. it is kind of growing on me.. he isn't beastly thank god so it isn't too too bad....
2. How often do you run red lights? Never
3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid? Anne Hathaway! She has an AMAZING sense of what to put together and looks so classic and polished even on a jeans and t-shirt day!!!!
4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog? Blog... My twitter is pretty much for friends only and my Twitter account isn't for me about numbers but people that I like to connect with and talk to :) So .. Bloggy Love would be glorious!
5. What makes you feel sexy? Kisses on my neck and a good hair day!
6. I get excited when...........? MY MOM COMES TO TOWN!!!
7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"? I am an In-doorsy girl in the way of I DO NOT CAMP!!!! My Twitter Mommies are TRYING to get me to do so and I am flat out HELL NOing my butt off!! I dont sleep on the ground in a tent! I did enough of that as a teenager! I will vivist them at Ft. Wilderness and then go sleep in a hotel :) Thats How I Roll!! I don't like being Dirty.. I am pretty prissy that way. I LOVE the Beach and Parks and Disney and stuff like that but DO NOT MAKE ME SLEEP IN A TENT!
8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars? Million Dollars! I can Build my dream house and still have plenty left over to play with !!!!!


  1. oh my gosh..if we had a Mr. Softee truck that drove thru our neighborhood I would be in heaven! our 'ice cream man' only has crappy ice cream bars. LOL ;)

  2. Hey checking out some new blogs! Wanted to let you know about mine, Mom State of Mind, come on over and visit. Do you like giveaways? Come enter mine!

  3. Wait- I thought lazy was good.
    Also: I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU FOR CALLING THEM JIMMIES! Where I grew up near Philly we called them that too. When people say 'sprinkles' you know they suck. :)

  4. I want that ice cream cone RIGHT THIS SECOND. Seriously. I call them jimmies too! :) My husband calls them "Thousands" as in there are thousands of them! ha

  5. OMG, I would die if one of those came to my door. SPRINKLES!!


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